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We get it -- it's super frustrating to lose or break your reading glasses. ThinOptics has the answer with our durable & ultra-slim Vision Solutions. Say goodbye to constant replacements and hello to life-changing convenience and crystal clear vision, no matter where life takes you.


Clear vision that
attaches anywhere &
goes everywhe


Always Comfortable.
Always in Focus,
Always With You


Classic designs
reimagined for modern

Why ThinOptics

Say goodbye to bulky reading
glasses! Keep your ThinOptics
Readers conveniently on your
keychain or attached to your
electronic devices.

Add a pair of ThinOptics Vision
Solutions to your eyewear arsenal.
and keep a backup pair of
Readers anywhere you know
you'll need them.

Experience the freedom of never
having to worry about losing or
damaging your glasses,
and keeping clear vision
Always With You.

Clarity Kit: Upgrade your vision with ThinOptics' Clarity Kit. Get four indestructible Readers in varying
strengths to find your perfect match. Keep them all and enjoy sharp sight no matter where life takes you, stored in the included Universal Pod case.

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