Always With You
With multiple storage options including keychains, phone cases, the FlashCard and Pods, ThinOptics are always with you.
Choose Your Case
FlashCard Case + Glasses
Our most striking case ever. As small as a credit card, as slim as two nickels.
  • Convenient
    Reading glasses at your fingertips -- always
  • Quality
    Premium metal case, soft brushed finish
  • Compact
    Slips easily into your wallet, purse or pocket
Keychain + Glasses
Your reading glasses emerge magically
  • Flexible
    Reading glasses fold neatly inside your keychain
  • Functional
    Your glasses are never further than your keys
  • Fashionable
    Select a designer pattern from our curated collection
Pod + Glasses
Slim, sleek and right where you want them
  • Ultra-Flexible
    Reading glasses that bend without breaking
  • Ultra-Slim
    Slides easily into your wallet or pocket
  • Ultra-Convenient
    Sticks to your phone or other handy surface
Phone Case + Glasses
Fits iPhone and Galaxy phones
  • Sleek
    Slim case design for ultimate convenience
  • Stylish
    Simple yet modern look and feel
  • Sturdy
    Durable, reliable protection for your phone and reading glasses
Milano Case + Frontpage Reading Glasses
The lightest reading glasses in the world, paired with an exquisite 4mm case.
  • Exquisite
    Extremely light 4mm aircraft aluminium case
  • Sleek
    Beautifully slender, sticks perfectly to the back of your phone
  • Slim
    Two styles to choose from: Manhattan & Brooklyn are world’s lightest and slimmest full frame reading glasses that are always with you.

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