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Jun 1, 2023

Protect Your Eyes at All Times with ThinOptics Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

Summer is here, and with it comes the excitement of vacations, weekend getaways, and spending time outdoors. The reality, however, is that many of us will still spend a significant amount of time indoors, whether we're working from home, catching up on our favorite shows, or scrolling through social media.

May 17, 2023

Traveling Light: How the Right Eyewear Can Simplify Your Journey

As summer approaches, the anticipation of warm-weather adventures fills the air. Whether you're planning a sun-soaked vacation or a weekend getaway, packing the right eyewear, including both reading glasses and sunglasses, is essential.

May 4, 2023

ThinOptics' 2023 Mother's Day Gift Guide: Perfect Reading Glasses for Mom

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and it's time to show your appreciation for the special moms in your life. This year, we’ve curated an exclusive Mother's Day Collection featuring a variety of stylish and functional reading glasses and Vision Solutions perfect for busy moms. 

Apr 25, 2023

What Is Shuffle Technology™?

Have you ever wished you could keep your reading glasses on the back of your phone? Or perhaps your sunglasses? What if we told you that you didn't have to choose? 

Apr 4, 2023

The Clarity Kit: The Perfect Answer for Finding the Right Strength Reading Glasses

Look, we understand the struggle of finding the perfect pair of reading glasses — especially when you're unsure of y...

Mar 22, 2023

The Reading Solution You Never Knew You Needed: ThinOptics Readers + Universal Pod + Keychain Case

It's that time of year again – spring is here! The weather is getting warmer, the flowers are starting to bloom, and it's time to start enjoying the great outdoors.

Mar 17, 2023

Shuffle Pods for Your Readers

Are you obsessed with the convenience of the world’s thinnest Readers, Reading Glasses, & Sunglasses? If you’re here, chances are you are. And if your ThinOptics Vision Solutions go everywhere with you, you’re going to love this: Introducing the all new Expression Collection Universal Pods, now with Shuffle Technology™! 

Mar 7, 2023

Spring Break Vacay Feature | Suns & Full Frames Are Very Packable

Spring is upon us! Yes, the dark days of winter are finally coming to an end. We’re happy to report that the sun is back out again and the days only get longer from here. And what’s the best part of spring, of course? Spring break vacation! 

Feb 16, 2023

Why You'll Love the Brooklyn Reading Glasses

Iconic and resilient like their namesake city, the Brooklyn Reading Glasses + Milano Case — is our top-selling full frame Vision Solution. Everyone loves these ultra-thin frames for their classic timeless design, their incredible durability, and their unmatched portability. 

Jan 31, 2023

ThinOptics: The Best Pair of Reading Glasses for Clear Vision on the Go

At some point or another, reading glasses become an essential part of most people's daily lives. And yet, they’ve never quite been the easiest essential to carry around — as most people know, traditional reading glasses are easily breakable, clunky to carry around, and often left behind or misplaced. 

Jan 16, 2023

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: ThinOptics Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Better Sleep and Eye Health

As Valentine's Day approaches, it's important to remember the things we love and how to protect them. One thing many of us love is our eyesight. Our eyes allow us to see the world around us, to experience beauty and connect with those we care about. 

Jan 9, 2023

Conventional Reading Glasses: The Problems and How ThinOptics Solves Them

Conventional reading glasses are common among older adults, particularly those over 40—acting as easy and effective vision correction for those with presbyopia, a condition that affects the eye's ability to focus on close objects.
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