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Introducing the Readers + Slimline Phone Cases for the iPhone 14!

ThinOptics Readers + iPhone 14 Slimline Case

What if we told you there was a way to easily access clear vision anywhere while protecting your phone from damage at the same time? That’s right, there’s a reason that the Readers + Slimline Phone Case is one of our best-selling Vision Solutions!

This durable phone case consolidates your essentials, so your phone and your ultra-thin Readers are Always With You. Until this week (just in time for the holidays), the Slimline Phone Case was only available for iPhone 11 and 13. But you asked and we listened: introducing Slimline Phone Cases for the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max!

ThinOptics Readers + iPhone 14 Slimline Case with black Readers

The Readers + Slimline Phone Case

Now, you can attach your slim and incredibly durable ThinOptics Readers to the newest iPhone models! The Slimline phone case beautifully wraps around your phone and features an elegant matte-black finish. The sides are designed to expose all physical phone controls for ease of use, while keeping your iPhone protected along with your pince-nez style ThinOptics reading glasses.

ThinOptics Readers + iPhone 14 Slimline Case - Headline Readers in Black, Clear, Brown, Blue, Purple, Red

ThinOptics Readers

Crafted from optical grade shatterproof polycarbonate plastic and as thin as two credit cards, ThinOptics Readers are engineered for ultimate convenience and portability — you’ll barely even notice your reading glasses on the back of your phone, but they’ll be safely tucked away for when you need them anyway. The Readers are available in lens strengths ranging from +1.0 strength to +2.5 diopters, and a variety of frame colors including black, blue, brown, clear, purple, and red.

The Readers + Slimline Phone Case is the ideal Vision Solution for anyone that’s always on the go or often leaves their reading glasses behind, not to mention they make wonderful gifts! So if that’s you, your parents, or any of your loved ones, be sure to shop now to save and get your holiday shopping done early! Give the gift of convenient clear vision and discover the life hack you didn’t know you needed.

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