Clarity Kit - Find Your Strength

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The Clarity Kit contains our best-selling Universal Pod case along with four strengths of our virtually indestructible readers. Test each strength to determine which is best for you. Gift the remaining pairs to anyone who could benefit from Always With You convenience!

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The Importance of Finding the Right Strength

The Power of Knowing your Strength

Buy with confidence. This is the power of knowing your strength.

The term “presbyopia” means “"far-sightedness brought on by age,” and comes from the Greek “presbys,” meaning “old” and “ōps,” meaning “sight.” If you’re over 40 years old and starting to notice that you’re holding things further away from your eyes in order to clearly see & read them, you may be experiencing symptoms of presbyopia. But don’t panic -- this is completely normal, and we’ve got the perfect fix! The Clarity Kit will help you find the optimal lens strength for your eyes by giving you four pairs of our impossibly thin & impressively durable readers in four of the most popular diopter strengths. Test them all, choose the best, and share the rest! When you know your strength, seeing is easier!

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Why The Clarity Kit?

For most people, the onset of presbyopia is a completely new experience. How are you supposed to know what strength reading glasses you now all of a sudden need? We created the Clarity Kit to save you the embarrassment of not being able to see clearly and the hassle of going to multiple places to find a solution that’s right for you. No more printing at-home eye charts; no more questionnaires; no more struggling with finding the right distance from which to read. Just four pairs of top quality reading glasses at varying strengths.

Testing Made Easy

When you receive your Clarity Kit, you can take your time exploring your amazing new Universal Pod case while testing all four reading glasses provided. Read a book, some text messages on your phone, a recipe on your tablet, the numbers on the remote control. Each of our lenses allow for +/-0.25 diopter tolerance, so you’re bound to find the perfect pair for you in the Clarity Kit!

How to share

ThinOptics are conversation starters. Trust us, people are going to want to learn more about those amazingly thin & flexible reading glasses that you just pulled from the back of your phone. Indulge them with your own story about how you discovered ThinOptics -- then give them a pair of their own! Simply place the readers in their sleeve and gift to family and friends!