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What Strength Reading Glasses Do I Need?

Think you might need reading glasses, but you’re not sure what your reading strength is?

Maybe you’re not even sure how to test what strength reading glasses you’ll need.

No worries, we’ve got you covered! From a printable at-home strength test to our innovative Clarity Kit, you’ve got two outstanding options!

Option 1: Reading Glasses Strength Test

ThinOptics Strength Test printout


Click HERE to print the reading glasses strength test that we have provided for you. Be sure to set your printer settings to “print to size” and not “scaled to fit paper.”

ThinOptics Strength Test


Hold the printed strength test 12” - 14" away from your face and, starting at the top line, read each line from the top down, until the text begins to get blurry. This line will have your optimal correct lens strength listed to the side.

ThinOptics Strength Test Shop


Now that you know your optimal lens strength, explore the world’s thinnest & most durable Vision Solutions. Shop Readers & Reading Glasses today!

Still Uncertain About Your Strength?

The Clarity Kit contains our best-selling Universal Pod case along with four strengths (+1.0, +1.5, +2.0, +2.5) of our virtually indestructible Readers.

Test each strength to determine which is best for you, then gift the remaining pairs to anyone who could benefit from Always With You convenience!

Option 2: Buy, Test & Share

ThinOptics Strength Test Buy


Finding the right strength reading glasses has never been easier. Enjoy secure checkout and fast shipping with ThinOptics. You’ll know your strength in no time!

ThinOptics Strength Test


Discover your strength from the comfort of your home. Take your time exploring each strength pair of Readers – read your text messages, the newspaper, an old recipe – you’ll know what strength reading glasses you need after that!

ThinOptics Strength Test Share


Give others the gift of clarity by sharing with them the remaining pairs of readers. There’s a QR code on each sharable sleeve, good for 15% off their first purchase!

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