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Buy Any Two, Get 30% Off Today!  Save Now 

What Is Shuffle Technology™?

 Man removing a Reading Glasses from the Connect Case on the back of a tablet

Have you ever wished you could keep your reading glasses on the back of your phone? What if we told you that you didn't have to choose? With the latest innovation in eyewear — Shuffle Technology™, you can keep any of your ThinOptics Vision Solutions on the back of your phone for easy access anywhere and effortlessly swap out your eyewear based on the occasion!

Animated graphic showing Always With You Multi Pack using shuffle technology

Introducing Shuffle Technology™

Shuffle Technology™ is a game-changer, allowing ThinOptics customers to seamlessly switch between the cases of their ultra-slim Readers and Reading Glasses, attaching them to any hard and flat surface. The secret lies in a small magnetic mount that securely attaches the eyewear to the surface of your choice (such as your phone or tablet), ensuring easy removal and reattachment as needed.

Side by side images of man removing Reading Glasses from the Connect Case on the back of a phone, and a man removing Sunglasses from the case attached to the back of the same phone

This innovative technology offers users a flexible and convenient solution for carrying their eyewear with them at all times, providing an alternative to the classic Universal Pod with its ultra-strong adhesive.

Why Shuffle Technology™?

The advantages of Shuffle Technology™ are vast. The Universal Pods with Shuffle Technology™ provide:

Man wearing Reading Glasses while talking on the phone and looking at his laptop. "Ultimate flexibility & adaptability. Simple device-ready eyewear. Smooth, user-friendly experience."


With Shuffle Technology™, you can effortlessly change your eyewear to match your needs or preferences. Swap out your winter design for a spring design as the seasons change, exchange your Readers for Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses when heading into the office. The possibilities are endless with Shuffle Technology™ at your disposal.

Despite being as thin as just two credit cards, the Printed Universal Pods with Shuffle Technology™ offer the same unparalleled durability and security for your Readers as the classic Universal Pods. The only difference is the added freedom and convenience provided by the innovative magnetic mount system.


Currently, Shuffle Technology™ is available only for the Black Universal Pod included in the Always With You Multi-Pack (alongside Connect Reading Glasses + Case) as well as for all Printed Universal Pods. This cutting-edge technology is set to revolutionize the way you carry and use your eyewear.

Woman removing Readers from the Expression Collection Universal Pod on the back of her phone

Experience the Freedom of Shuffle Technology™

Discover the all-new Universal Pods with Shuffle Technology™ and enjoy the unparalleled freedom of having access to clear vision right at your fingertips. Make your Vision Solutions an essential part of your everyday life, ensuring that you always have the perfect pair for any occasion. Experience the convenience and flexibility of Shuffle Technology™ today, and revolutionize the way you wear and carry your eyewear.

Are you ready to revolutionize your eyewear experience? Shop now and explore our range of ThinOptics Vision Solutions featuring Shuffle Technology™

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