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Product Spotlight: Full Frame Reading Glasses

ThinOptics’ Unconventional Reading Glasses

Conventional reading glasses are notoriously inconvenient to carry around—delicate and easily broken, with cases way too large to fit in a pocket. We solved this problem with the simple philosophy that your reading glasses should be Always With You, and thus our ultra-thin and practically indestructible Readers were created.

Everyone knows and loves the signature Headline Readers. They’re perfect for when you’re on the go and need quick access to a pair of reading glasses. But the classic pince-nez style isn’t for everyone, and sometimes you need your reading glasses for longer sessions.

Solving Vision Problems with Vision Solutions

Our customers asked for more, so we created two full-frame designs for reading glasses that are just as light and durable, built for long term comfort and a more contemporary look.

All our Reading Glasses are equipped with shatterproof optical-grade polycarbonate lenses, encased in lightweight stylish polycarbonate frames, and springy stainless steel temples that make our glasses flexible and virtually indestructible.

Three Iconic Styles of Reading Glasses

  • Manhattan Reading Glasses: Inspired by the exciting day to day of life in the city, these elegant round reading glasses are designed for durability and versatility. Wear them to read a book on the subway, get a better look at a restaurant menu, or while presenting at a meeting. Slip them seamlessly into your bag, purse, or pocket without even noticing they’re there. They come in six frame colors and various magnification strengths, ranging from +1.00 strength to +2.50 strength.

  • Brooklyn Reading Glasses: Iconic and resilient just like their namesake, the rectangular Brooklyn Reading Glasses are the epitome of convenience, strength, and style. Like the Manhattans, they also come in six frame colors and various magnification strengths, ranging from +1.00 strength to +2.50 strength.

  • Connect Reading Glasses: The Connect Reading Glasses are truly special. With a beautiful classic design, the Connects are the first pair of full frame reading glasses that fit on the back of any mobile device. The Connect Reading Glasses come in three frame colors and various magnification strengths, ranging from +1.00 strength to +3.00 strength.
With any of these three compact reading glasses, you can expect excellent optic quality and easy to carry practicality. And, they’re so light you’ll never have to deal with marks on your nose after using your glasses. Look great, feel comfortable, and be the envy of your friends the next time you all go out and they inevitably take notice of your latest life hack.

Now that you know all about our Full Frame Vision Solutions, the choice is up to you! Add convenience to your life and show off your one-of-a-kind aesthetic by picking out your favorite of our signature colors and designs—for full-frame reading glasses that are Always With You.
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