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Introducing the Fall Expression Collection

Introducing ThinOptics Fall 2022 Expression Collection

Ah, fall! Yes folks, the leaves are turning red, the air is getting cool, good fashion is coming back, and the pumpkin spice lattes are brewing. Who doesn’t love the apple-picking, pumpkin-carving, candle-lighting, cozy vibes of autumn?

So you’re looking to get in the spirit of the changing weather and gearing up for spooky season. Maybe you’ve started wearing exclusively flannel or decorating your living room with maple leaves — maybe the front of your house is already covered in spider webs. 

Man wearing ThinOptics Headline Readers reading a menu in a restaurant. Fall 2022 Expression Collection

Whether you’re a hard-core autumn enthusiast or not, the new fall Expression Collection is here to help you get in the spirit and match the seasonal aesthetic with all new autumn-themed custom printed Vision Solutions, inspired by this time of year while looking great year-round.

ThinOptics Readers + Universal Pod

ThinOptics Headline Readers + Black Universal Pod with Black Frames

Our best-selling Vision Solution is incredibly versatile and engineered for Always With You accessibility to clear vision. Customers love the ultra-slim, shatterproof Readers crafted from durable polycarbonate plastic that fit in a compact Universal Pod case that’s just as thin, designed to fit discreetly in any small pocket and attach to your tablet, phone, or laptop.

With the Expression Collection, these functional readers become a stylish accessory. Choose from 85+ Universal Pods, with prints inspired by all the things you love. Show off your personality and love what you see every time you reach for your readers.

Introducing the Fall Expression Collection

Introducing ThinOptics Readers + Universal Pod Fall 2022 Expression Collection

Celebrate autumn 2022 with a brand new pair of reading glasses that happily live inside the all new custom-printed line of Expression Collection Universal Pods, featuring celestial symbology, classic fall scenery, and spooky season prints!

ThinOptics Fall 2022 Expression Collection Readers + Universal Pod | Halloween Vibes Collection
  • Halloween Vibes: Get ahead on the festivities with Universal Pod prints featuring spiderwebs, jack-o’-lanterns, monsters, and more!

ThinOptics Fall 2022 Expression Collection Readers + Universal Pod | Celestial Vibes Collection

  • Celestial Vibes: Show off your unique cosmic identity everywhere you go with beautifully illustrated Universal Pods featuring all twelve zodiac signs, and celestial symbology featuring the stars and planets.

ThinOptics Fall 2022 Expression Collection Readers + Universal Pod | Autumn Landscapes Collection

  • Autumn Landscapes: Your Vision Solutions match your surroundings with gorgeous fall landscape photograph Universal Pod prints, featuring lakes, pumpkins, lighthouses, and of course, trees in every color!

Your perfect print is out there waiting for you, so get started on finding your ideal Vision Solution and get in the spirit of esoteric autumn. Happy fall, y’all!

ThinOptics Fall 2022 Expression Collection Readers + Universal Pod | Woman wearing ThinOptics Headline Readers Red Frames reading a book

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