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The Manhattan Must-Have Duo

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  • For those who crave a rounder touch of sophistication, we present the 2-Pack of Manhattan Reading Sunglasses and Manhattan Reading Glasses, both with ultra-thin Milano Cases. They are crafted to embody the spirit and style of Manhattan — classic, sophisticated, and always in demand.
  • Encased in our 4mm-thin, felt-lined Milano Cases, equipped with silent magnetic technology, both your glasses and your sunglasses are always at the ready, ensuring you never miss another word on-the-go or a sunny moment in the city.
  • Within this 2-Pack, you'll find a pair of Manhattan Reading Sunglasses and a pair of the Manhattan Reading Glasses, both with Milano Cases, ensuring clear vision is Always With You, no matter where you read.

          See the Manhattan in Action!

          Never forget your reading glasses again with the stylishly innovative Manhattan + Milano Case! Witness this game-changing Vision Solution and embrace the unbeatable convenience of never leaving your glasses behind.

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