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Summer Eyewear Care: Tips from Opticians

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Do you take your sunglasses and reading glasses with you everywhere? You may have noticed that after some time, your glasses are not what they used to be. Maybe the frames don’t fit you exactly right or the lenses are covered with tiny scratches, making vision blurry.

Everyday habits, from wiping your lenses with your shirt to wearing them on your head, can cause your reading glasses to deteriorate—since small bits of dust and debris on cloth can result in lens scratching and higher temperatures can lead frames of your reading glasses to become misshapen.

Whether you’re wearing reading glasses, sunglasses, or alternating between the two this summer, here are some tips from opticians to help you prevent damage to your glasses, so you can continue taking them everywhere and always counting on clear vision.

Man cleaning reading glasses with cloth

Our Tips For Eyewear Care: 

  • Only clean with water:
    Clean your lenses regularly, by rinsing them under slightly warm tap water. It’s important that your glasses are always cleaned while wet. Use any non-abrasive soap and rub your lenses with your fingers in circular motions. Check out our video guide on how to clean your ThinOptics reading glasses & sunglasses.
  • Always air dry:
    When you’re done rinsing your glasses, be sure not to wipe them dry. Just like cleaning smudges off of them with your shirt can cause scratching, so can wiping with a hand towel, paper towel, or any material that may contain small hard particles. Instead, simply leave them out to dry on their own.
  • Avoid leaving in high temperatures:
    Prevent heat damage by remembering to remove your glasses before being in a high heat environment—for example, while grilling or drying your hair. Leaving them on your head or in a car on a hot day can also cause your glasses to change shape and damage lens coating. With ThinOptics ultra-slim and lightweight Always With You Case Solutions, it is incredibly easy to avoid this issue by simply slipping your reading glasses back into their cases and conveniently tucking them away anywhere.

Man cleaning ThinOptics headline readers with soap and water

Be sure to read our guide on How to Care for Your ThinOptics Readers + Reading Glasses for more tips on practicing preventative eyewear maintenance, so your Vision Solutions can last you as long as possible.

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