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ThinOptics Dealer Program

Online Sale

Dealers are prohibited from using ThinOptics Trademarks and other intellectual property or distributing Products on unauthorized 3rd party websites such as, eBay, or any other website that is not pre-approved.  Dealers will not own or use any internet domain that includes the term “ThinOptics” or any variations or derivatives of the term.

Authorized Locations DO NOT include, eBay, or any other website that is not pre-approved, and the Dealer shall not distribute Products via those websites. 

Non-Compliance Notification 

ThinOptics will notify Dealer in writing of the non-compliance and penalty.  Failure to adhere to dealer agreements and/or compliance regulations within 7 business days may result in removal from ThinOptics’ dealership program as well as formal reporting on the infringing site. 

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy Overview 

In order to build and maintain ThinOptics image consistency, ThinOptics has instituted a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy applicable to all Dealers. The MAP policy does not apply to the Dealer's actual resale price, which the Dealer may set at their sole discretion. 

All the products are subject to MAP, and the associated minimum advertised prices are, shall be set forth by your sales representative.  ThinOptics may amend the MAP pricing at any time, provided that the revised minimum advertised prices will become effective 30 days after they are first published by ThinOptics. Such revised minimum advertised prices shall apply to all orders placed by Dealer after the effective date of revision. 

General MAP Rules 

  1. Dealers advertising ThinOptics products governed by MAP must show MAP price in close proximity to the product. 
  2. Advertising without price does not violate the policy. 
  3. Deviations below the MAP are not permitted without approval  
    1. This includes all inventory of ThinOptics product
  4. MAP “struck out” (example: $38) is considered a violation of the policy. 

    MAP Policy Questions 

    MAP compliance is the responsibility of the Dealer. All questions must be submitted in writing. The ThinOptics MAP Policy Manager ( is the only person authorized to communicate MAP policy updates, changes, and policy decisions. 

    Non Compliance of MAP Policy will result in immediate termination of this agreement if the dealer is unable to comply after 2 notices of violation.


    The Dealer's entire organization must comply with this policy. If any one location within Dealer’s organization violates any component of this MAP policy, the consequence will apply to the entire organization.


    Questions:  Contact our Dealership Department at


    For the complete policy or for questions regarding our policies, please contact 


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