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ThinOptics Readers vs Drugstore Readers

Drug store generic cheap reading glasses

We don’t blame you if you’re used to getting your reading glasses at the drugstore—sometimes you’re in a pinch, and need quick access to clear vision. While shopping for readers at your local pharmacy can be an easy option, you’re likely sacrificing on the quality of your new frames. 

Shopping online for ThinOptics reading glasses

Instead, buying reading glasses online provides you with a nearly endless selection of options, so you can find the pair best suited to you. But not all reading glasses are created equal: ThinOptics creates the world’s most convenient glasses, pairing beautifully with portable cases to create Vision Solutions engineered for Always With You accessibility.

Quality Reading Glasses That Last

Prone to scratching and breakage, standard drugstore reading glasses are made with acrylic lenses. Incredibly thin, lightweight, and able to fit anywhere, ThinOptics reading glasses’ lenses and frames are made out of optical-grade polycarbonate plastic, ensuring maximum durability and constant clear vision.

ThinOptics reading glasses. Brooklyn Full Frame Reading Glasses. Manhattan Full Frame Reading Glasses. Connect Full Frame Reading Glasses. Headline Readers.

Our full-frame Reading Glasses are equipped with springy stainless steel temples that are flexible and virtually indestructible. The signature pince-nez style Readers utilize the same lens material regularly used in high end prescription reading glasses, and are crafted with a shape-memory metal called Nitinol that is ten times more elastic than spring steel.

Close up of man wearing ThinOptics pince-nez Readers.

Thin & Convenient Readers

Game-changing in the eyewear industry, ThinOptics perfected the world’s thinnest Reading Glasses in the world’s thinnest cases in 2015. With Readers as thin as two credit cards and lighter than a pad of sticky notes, it’s fair to say that it’s never been easier to keep your reading glasses with you at all times. 

ThinOptics Brooklyn Full Frame Reading Glasses + Milano Case. Manhattan Full Frame Reading Glasses + Milano Case. Connect Full Frame Reading Glasses + Connect Cas

Incredibly Portable Vision Solutions

Accompanied by innovative & unique cases, our Readers and Reading Glasses are much more than just eyewear—they are fully fledged Vision Solutions. From our collection of full-frame Reading Glasses, the Manhattan and Brooklyn Reading Glasses both fit in our sleek Milano Case, featuring an ultra-slim, minimalist design that seamlessly slips into any small pocket. The Connect Reading Glasses sit snugly in the durable Connect Case that attaches to any hard and flat surface—including your laptop, phone, or tablet— for extra easy access.

ThinOptics Readers + Universal Pod, Readers + Keychain Case, Readers + Flashcard Wallet, Readers + Slimline Phone Case

Designed for on-the-go, shorter-duration use, the signature Readers have the most versatile and compact case solutions, including the Keychain Case, the Flashcard Wallet, the Slimline Phone Case, and of course, the Universal Pod. If you’re looking for a little more color, or a little more personalized style, explore the Expression Collection, which features the Universal Pod in over 50 of your favorite prints.

More Stylish, More Sleek & More Unique

ThinOptics glasses are designed for timeless elegance, reimagined with modern technology and innovation. All our Vision Solutions are based on classic frame styles, yet are unmistakably modern. Choose from our variety of pince-nez Readers and full-frame Reading Glasses based on your style, your reading needs, and your color preferences. If you’re not quite sure how to choose the best pair for you, be sure to check out our guide on how to choose the right reading glasses. 

ThinOptics Brooklyn Blue Light Blockers. Manhattan Blue Light Blockers.

Blue Light Blockers 

Consider whether you need standard Reading Glasses, or if Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses would suit you best. Blue light blockers are best for anyone that uses their electronic devices on a daily basis, which is fair to say is most of us.

Available in both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Reading Glasses frame styles and equipped with light yellow tinted lenses, these Vision Solutions prevent artificial blue light from irritating your eyes and inducing problems such as frequent headaches, trouble sleeping, and digital eye strain. These glasses are available in strengths ranging from 0.0 strength (plano) to +2.5 strength.

The Takeaway: Drugstore Reading Glasses or ThinOptics Reading Glasses 

Most of the time, people shop for reading glasses at the pharmacy because they need them urgently, or because they’re afraid to damage or lose their high quality glasses. With ThinOptics, these concerns are issues of the past.
When you pair slim and durable Readers with conveniently portable cases that attach easily to your essentials, it’ll be a while before you have to buy another pair, or have to think about bringing your Reading Glasses along. If you know you primarily use your Reading Glasses in several settings, our Multi-Packs make it easy to bundle up and save, so you can strategically place your Vision Solutions everywhere you’ll need them most.

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