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Professional Eyewear Tips For Zoom Meetings

Woman in living room on laptop zoom call online meeting

If your company conference room has been replaced with a Zoom call in your living room, you know that appearances matter, and the right outfit can put you in a business mindset and make an impression. Complementing your shirt with the right eyewear that’s both stylish and functional can make all the difference in your next Zoom meeting.

Choosing the Right Reading Glasses For Your Zoom Calls

Accessorizing is key. Bonus points for accessories that ensure crystal clear vision while protecting your eyes. When picking out a pair of reading glasses for your next call, you’ll want to take frame shape and color into consideration. Your frames should suit your face and match your aesthetic, maintaining a professional look without being too distracting.

Man wearing ThinOptics Brooklyn Full Frame Reading Glasses - Woman wearing ThinOptics Full Frame Manhattan Reading Glasses
Depending on your face shape and style preferences, you might opt for ThinOptics’ rectangular Brooklyn Reading Glasses or round Manhattan Reading Glasses, each designed for ultimate convenience. Both of these full-frame options come in a variety of colors, including black, brown, red, clear, blue, or tortoise frames. We definitely recommend our full-frame Vision Solutions for Zoom meetings, as they are designed for longer durations of use, yet are light enough that you just might forget you’re wearing them! 
Man wearing ThinOptics Connect Full Frame Reading Glasses looking at phone
Engineered for peak portability, our Connect Reading Glasses + Connect Case are also an ideal reading glasses option for your Zooms. The Connect Case magnetically attaches to its base on any hard and flat surface—like your phone or laptop—and cleverly detaches for maximum mobility.
Visual of blue light emitting devices

All the extra screen-time that comes with working from home means you’re probably thinking about protection from artificial blue light, which is emitted from our screens and can cause eye strain, trouble sleeping, and headaches.

ThinOptics Brooklyn Blue Light Blocker Glasses + Milano Case - ThinOptics Manhattan Blue Light Blocker Glasses + Milano Case
Brooklyn and Manhattan Reading Glasses are also available as blue light blocking reading glasses and in strengths ranging from plano (no strength) to +2.50 strength. If you’re spending your days jumping from one Zoom meeting to the next, you should consider Blue Light Blockers as your next pair of reading glasses. 


Woman wearing Brooklyn Full Frame Reading Glasses Red Frames


Eyewear Tips For Your Next Zoom Meeting

Lighting is everything: Prevent your new frames from casting a shadow over your face by keeping your space well lit. Ensure that your light source is directly overhead or positioned towards your face. 

Makeup to match: Wear light or minimal makeup to prevent dark shadows from appearing on your face when light hits your new lenses.

Man cleaning ThinOptics Headline Readers
Clean lenses = clear vision: Be sure to keep your lenses clean—not only for you, but also for your camera, which can easily pick up smudge on your lenses. ThinOptics Reading Glasses clean easily with water and soap. Check out our guide on how to clean and care for your reading glasses, and give them a good rinse before your next Zoom meeting.

You know what to do, so it’s time to get shopping! Keep these tips in mind as you’re browsing our site and setting up for your work days to nail your next Zoom meeting!


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