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    ThinOPTICS reading glasses live in a slim Universal Pod case
    that attaches to your existing phone or case.

    Reading glasses on your phone?

    Yep, never forget your reading glasses again

  • ThinOPTICS reading glasses live in a slim Universal Pod case
    that attaches to your existing phone or case.

    Easy as 1, 2, 3

    Insert ThinOPTICS reading glasses into case

    Attach ThinOPTICS case to your EXISTING phone or case

    Enjoy Always-with-You reading glasses

    Glasses + Universal Pod
    Sticks to any phone, any case, or other device

We’re flexible, really


The resilient ThinOPTICS bridge flexes while the smart independent-suspension nose pads flex and grip to ensure a secure and comfortable fit on all noses.

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Glasses weigh less than a nickel and are as thick as a credit card, allowing them to disappear on a phone.

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ThinOPTICS in the media


Do you understand how major this is?- Jill Martin,
people styleWatch


The future of flexible eyewear. This is a huge deal... it's a transformative thing. They stay on beautifully well. -Tom Keane


No.4 of 25 Best of CES 2015 " as I shake my head with vim and fury, I can't knock the glasses loose. It's like they're glued down to my face-and yet they're not."
-jon Phillips


They dont't have the... things...but they stay on my face!
-David Pogue


One of the five most ingenious products of 2014.
-Andrew Karp


Insanely thin and flexible...barely noticeable on the back of your mobile phone case.-Pamela Poole


Ingenious !

By Mary J.Kratzke on March 9, 2015

Convenient, easy...the holder really does adhere to the back of my phone and the glasses really do stick on my nose!

By Brent Christie on March 8, 2015

Outstanding!!! One of the best products I've ever bought!

By PR on March 2, 2015

I have given several of these products as gifts to my friends. Everyone-everyone-has lived the product and raved about the functionality, ease of use, and style.

By SquashRacquets on February 28, 2015

Fantastic! So convenient.

By Dawn on January 15, 2015

Stay on your nose so comfortably you actually forget they're there if you get distracted in a conversation.

By Becky Thomasson on March 8, 2015

This was the perfect gift from my wife.

By Steven Thomas on March 1, 2015

Just what I needed. Since I always have my phone with me, now I'm assured to have a pair of readers with me, too.

By L.K. Nicastro "LN on January 29, 2015

Great product! I never have to search for my reading glasses at restuarants!

By Steven Thomas on March 1, 2015

Bought this for my husband as a gift, and he loves it.

By Intenseitalian on January 15, 2015

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