Work From Home Vision Essentials

Computers have become our lifeline to the outside world. But with that comes potential vision problems. ThinOptics is your partner to deliver clear, comfortable, safe and convenient vision.

Learn more about the Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Glasses Here.

Solution: ThinOptics Blue Light Blocking Glasses

ThinOptics Blue Light Blocking Glasses use a mild yellow filter to block the damaging effects of harmful blue light. They start with no correction (for people who don't use readers) and include the most popular reader powers up to + 2.5 strength.

Problem: Blue Light

Our electronic devices expose our eyes to high-energy, visible-wavelength blue light like never before. Blue light has been linked to sleeping problems as it suppresses melatonin production which disturbs the natural sleep cycle. It can also contribute to a host of short-and long-term, eye-health issues. Immediate symptoms include headaches, eye strain, and dry, tired eyes. Prolonged exposure can contribute to serious retinal health problems and Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

Problem: Computer Vision Syndrome

If you suffer from blurry vision, both during and after computer work, headaches, neck or back aches or dry eyes, it may be a result of using your regular strength readers for your computer.

Solution: A Second Set Of Readers For Computer Zone

Most readers are designed for the Reading Zone, of about 16" to 18”, but computer tasks happen 24-26” away, in the Computer Zone. The stronger lens strength makes your eyes work harder, causing visual and physical discomfort. People who have higher strength readers (+2.5 or +2.0) should have a second pair of readers for the Computer Zone. Use the chart below to determine your computer strength.

Blue Light mitigation, correct strength and having your readers when you need them will resolve most computer-related vision problems. Here are some other tips for better vision health:

Problem: Always Losing Readers

Moving from room-to-room can lead to unwanted and time-consuming hunts for misplaced readers. This is both frustrating and troublesome if you don’t have them when you need them.

Solution: Always With You Readers

ThinOptics Readers attach to phones, wallets, keys or directly on your computer. Frontpage Reading and Computer Glasses come in an attractive magnetic case that can attach to any metal surface. At 4mm, they are also thin enough to fit comfortably in a front pocket. This helps raise your efficiency and lower your frustration, resulting in healthier vision and a better attitude.