What Strength Reading Glasses Do I Need?

Use Our Reading Glasses Test Strength Guide to Select the Proper Strength for Reading Glasses

Diopter Test Chart

A diopter test chart will tell you what strength reading glasses you need. The chart has rows of words that range in text size that correspond to reading glasses strengths

Step 1: Download our eye strength guide.

Step 2: Print eye strength test. Make sure your printer is set to print to size and not scaled to fit paper size. The chart dimensions are exactly 5 inches wide.

Step 3: To find the strength reading glasses you need, read the chart WITHOUT GLASSES from a distance of about 14 inches. The first line you have difficulty reading is the lens strength for the correct optical power(+1.25 - +3..5)

You cannot use this eye strength test guide by looking at it on your computer or mobile device due to the size and resolution differences of devices.

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The Worlds Thinnest Readers

So small they fit on or in phones, keys, wallets or anything else that's Always With You.

These Readers are thin, lightweight and available in a variety of lens strength (+1.0, +1.5, +2.0 and +2.5) and frame colors (Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Brown or White).

They have a feather-light grip with gentle pressure and can be moved up or down your nose for optimal fit and comfort.

The World's Thinnest Reading Glasses

The world's thinnest reading glasses with a case that attaches to your phone, or put in your pocket or purse.

Feather light, durable, and made for people who hate carrying bulky, conventional reading glasses (and constantly leave them behind). They come in two attractive styles that fit into our beautifully designed, brushed aluminum, 4mm thin magnetic cases.

Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized to eliminate glare, ThinOptics sunglasses provide maximum protection from harmful rays.

The polarized lenses enhance vision by eliminating excess blue light and allow in 10-16% of the available light, depending on the color of lens.

ThinOptics Sunglasses are ultra-portable and they fit into an insanely thin and brushed aluminum case that you can carry in any pocket for Always With You sunglasses convenience.

Blue Light Blocker Glasses

Feature the same thin frame construction as all of our full frame reading glasses, helping you reducing eye strain from blue light emitting devices. like phones, tablet or computers.