Universal Pod Case "Blend It Together" + Glasses

Sticks to phone, slides in wallet or pocket. Artwork by ArtLifting.

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Azure Blue
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Amethyst Purple
Espresso Brown
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Artist Profile

Blend It Together

About the Artist

Andrew Weatherly

Bergen County, NJ

Warm, insightful, intuitive and caring; Andrew Weatherly of Bergen County, NJ has brought all of these heartfelt qualities together, expressing and sharing the innermost thoughts of a profoundly perceptive young man. His sincerity and deeply provocative realizations are expressed through a variety of artistic venues.

Capturing the world through the lens of his camera, Andrew explores life and unites his thoughts, his heart, his soul, and his artistic flare through the blending of paint colors, pen, and paper on a unique journey of self-expression. Andrew's perseverance has allowed him to overcome many of the obstacles a person with Down Syndrome often faces, while his insight has remained one of his greatest gifts to all.