Swap Kit

Includes 1 plate & 3 magnets


Based on over 10,000 reviews

Our patented swap kit allows you to switch Universal Pods on the fly so you can change your style with the seasons, or on a whim.

Swap Kit FAQs

  1. Will the adhesive damage my phone? What if I change my mind and want to remove the swap kit? The swap kit can be pulled off your phone without causing damage. The adhesive is designed to hold tight, but can also be removed by rubbing it off with your finger.
  2. Will the magnet affect my phone? Nope. There is an iron plate built into the swap kit which separates the magnet from your phone. Also note that modern mobile phones don’t have components that are susceptible to damage from magnets.
  3. What if I prefer to use the adhesive strip to attach my pod case instead of the swap kit? A spare adhesive strip is included with each case so you can choose to use the adhesive or the magnet to attach your case. It’s your choice.