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Mountain View Sunglasses

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Polarized to eliminate glare, the Thinoptics Mountain View Sunglasses have that classic aviator look while providing maximum protection from harmful UV rays. The polarized lenses enhance vision by eliminating excess blue light and allow in 10-16% of the available light, depending on the lens color.

Lenses have an anti-reflective back coat to prevent annoying back reflections so you can see better. The ultra-thin, felt-lined super-durable brushed aluminum case with magnetic latch protects your sunglasses from bending and lenses from scratching while fitting in tight spaces everywhere.

Frame / Lens:

Gold frames with Green Polarized lenses allow 16% light transmission and block 100% of harmful UV rays.


Includes brushed aluminum, felt-lined, 6mm thick case with magnetic closure.

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Sunglasses FAQ

Why do I need sunglasses that are easy to carry?

We take sunglasses on and off multiple times each day. When we aren’t wearing them, we either put them in a bulky case which takes up space, or jam them in a pocket or bag which can scratch a lens or damage the frame. We decided sunglasses should look great and be convenient to carry. So we designed sunglasses that are beautiful to wear and an insanely thin case to carry them in.

I hate bulky cases. How is this case so thin?

The ThinOptics Sunglasses case fits easily in a front pants pocket, purse or any small space, without even noticing it. The extremely durable, brushed aluminum case provides heavy duty protection, yet is as thin as a passport. The felt lining protects the lenses from scratching, and the magnetic closure keeps sunglasses safe inside.

How can the frames be thin, flexible and strong?

We use the best materials available to build great-looking, comfortable, durable, ultra-compact sunglasses you can carry everywhere. The frame front and temples are made with high-tensile-strength, stainless steel to prevent breakage and corrosion. The bridge is made with a super-elastic titanium, shape-memory alloy to allow the sunglasses to keep their shape, preserve fit and prevent breakage. Temples are hinged to enable compact folding. Nose pads and temple tips provide a comfortable, non-slip fit.

How do the lenses help me see better?

Sunglasses should make you look great, and help you see well. Our lenses are polarized to eliminate glare, 100% UV protective and available in green, brown and grey to help you see clearly and comfortably in all bright light conditions.

How do polarized lenses help me see clearly and comfortably?

When light reflects off a shiny surface like metal, chrome, glass, ice or water, it creates bright, white glare. Polarized lenses strip out the concentrated light so you can see comfortably without needing to squint. In addition to enhancing visual comfort, polarization helps you see better by eliminating the glare on the inside of a windshield when light reflects off the dashboard, or through reflections on the surface of water. In both cases, you will see things you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise.

Why do colors looks so crisp through these lenses?

Because of light attenuation. Our sunglasses' lenses reflect and absorb bright light in order to transmit as much light as you need to see clearly and comfortably. We selected three attractive base lens colors to strip out about 85% to 90% of the bright light. The Flash Mirror Grey lens lets through a balanced spectrum of about 10% of outside light so colors remain in proper balance. The Green lens transmits about 16% of outside light and also remains generally color balanced. Our Brown lens transmits about 11% of outside light, while eliminating a higher proportion of blue light to increase color contrast and enhance vision.

Why does the anti-reflective coating make things look so much clearer?

All of our sunglass lenses have an anti-reflective coating on the back, which minimizes back reflections when looking through the lenses. This provides clearer, better vision.

How do I store my sunglasses in the case?

To store, fold each temple so that the back half is parallel and next to the front half, then close each temple so they are flat against the back of the lenses. Place the folded sunglasses face down on the felt liner with the suns fitting inside the well. This will enable the magnetized top half of the “clamshell” case to close. The magnets will keep your case shut. When you want to reopen the case, use your thumbs to separate the top and bottom half.

Why do the sunglasses feel so light on my face?

ThinOptics Sunglasses are ultra-light, and provide all-day comfort. The shock absorbing, bio-compatible nose pads gently conform to the shape of your nose and the ultra-thin elastomeric temple tip adds security to the fit.
What Customers are Saying about Us
  1. love'em
    cool looking, very light, clear vision. Just love them. will get another pair. I am a bug fan of all ThinOptics products.


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  2. yuu


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  3. Love the slim profile to put in a small purse.
    I highly recommend these sunglasses if you’re the type of person that doesn’t carry a large bag. They fit so nicely in a small purse so I always have them with me when I need them.


    Posted on

  4. Innovative and Excellent Product
    Really love the compactness of this product. Very slim and easily keep in the pockets to carry it anywhere. The sunglass looks cool and comfortable.

    My only comment is that the neck of the cloth pouch is a bit too tight as it is slightly thicker due to the sewing for the strings. Having a hard time trying to slot the sunglass box into the pouch. Hope that the next pouch can be slightly wider by another 5mm.


    Posted on

  5. Excellent design


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