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Los Altos’ polarized lenses eliminate glare and enhance vision. Full UV protection is included to protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. The classic round design eliminates blind spots and augments side vision so you can see clearly at all times.
All of SHADO's lenses are treated with an anti-reflective coat, preventing bothersome back reflections for a better visual experience. The slim & durable case magnetically anchors to your smart phone, protecting your sunglasses from damage while fitting in tight spaces everywhere.

Frame / Lens:

Four frame colors with Polarized lenses allow 16% light transmission and block 100% of harmful UV rays. 


Includes 6mm thin case with magnetic attachment for smartphones

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Wanderlust Collection FAQ

How thin are the sunglasses in the Wanderlust Collection?

Very thin. Let’s put it this way: Once they’re safely tucked away in their felt-lined protective Connect Case, ensuring the polarized lenses (which afford you 100% UV protection with up to 16% total light transmission) stay flawless, the whole thing is 6mm thin and weighs just under 18 grams, which is about the same as a compact disc (remember those?!?).

How does the Connect Case work?

The Connect Case uses a magnet to allow for effortless removal and re-installation of your stylish new sunglasses from your smartphone. You’ll find a self-adhesive magnet is pre-inserted into its slot on the Connect Case and, once installed and adhered to your phone, simply needs to be lifted off or re-inserted, with or without your sunglasses inside. And don’t worry about the strength of the magnet, at just under 11 grams, the sunglasses in the Wanderlust Collection are a cinch to winch!

How do I protect my new sunglasses?

Keep your SHADO by ThinOptics sunglasses like new and Always With You in three easy steps. 1. Only clean the 100% UV protective polarized lenses with warm water and a microfiber cloth. 2. When not in use, always return your sunglasses to their case with the lenses facing down and temples folded in, facing up. 3. Utilize the included adhesive strip to connect your sunglasses and Connect Case to the back of your smartphone for Always With You convenience.