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Manhattan Reading Glasses

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Inspired in part by the hustle & bustle of city life, the full frame Manhattan Reading Glasses offer the convenience of a waiting taxicab, the versatility of a neighborhood bodega, and the allure of Park Avenue living. And like a corner coffee shop, they're always in reach -- especially in a pinch!

Pair them with our sleek, 4mm thin, felt-lined Milano Case for added protection.

Available in various lens strengths and frame colors, pop the Manhattan Reading Glasses in your purse or pocket and head into the The City in style!

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Reading Glasses FAQ

Are They Comfortable?

Yep, they’re the world’s thinnest and lightest full-frame reading glasses. They’re so comfortable you might just forget you’re wearing them.

How does Frontpage compare to the ThinOptics Readers?

Frontpage are full-frame readers, which are a more familiar form factor, without the bulk, for people who have used reading glasses in the past. Both Frontpage styles fit in the felt-lined and magnetic Milano case, but will not fit in the other systems for ThinOptics Readers.
What Customers are Saying about Us
  1. You need these!
    I went out to dinner last Friday with friends & didn’t take my reading glasses, as I have a Thinoptics readers mobile phone case. During the night I needed to look at text & photos, so got out my Thinoptics & everyone was amazed at how handy & convenient they are, everyone wanted a pair. I bought one pair & now have two more pair located in places where I may need them like the car & the kitchen. I’m now considering the Thinoptics Suns for an overseas trip next year, because of their weight & size. They have solved the ‘where are my glasses’ problem.


    Posted on

  2. Favorite Readers EVER!
    Brooklyn Reading Glasses
    -Extremely lightweight!! They don't leave deep marks on your nose.
    -So compact!! Easy to slip into a fancy evening bag for a night on the town, or discreetly in a pocket.
    After 10 years of trying so many different heavier, bulkier options, I've made a permanent switch. I won't wear anything else!


    Posted on

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