Phone Case + Glasses

Fits iPhone and Galaxy Phones


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Choose a phone case How do I choose?


Fortify $39.95

Double-layered protection for your phone in three accent colors:


Slimline $29.95

Our slimest and lightest phone case with a soft-touch finish

Choose a phone model How do I choose?

iPhone X
iPhone 7 / 8
iPhone 7 / 8 Plus
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
Samsung S8
Samsung S8 +

Choose a lens strength How do I choose?

+1.00Covers+0.75 to +1.25
+1.50Covers+1.25 to +1.75
+2.00Covers+1.75 to +2.25
+2.50Covers+2.25 to +2.75
Buying a gift and unsure of lens strength?
Get all four strengths for + $5.00 more (+ $5.00)

Choose a frame color How do I choose?

Jet Black
Crystal Clear
Azure Blue
Ruby Red
Amethyst Purple
Espresso Brown