Free replacement glasses...forever

A shipping & Handling Replacement Charge will apply. $5-domestic, $10-international

ThinOptics reading glasses are the only reading glasses durable enough to be backed with a lifetime guarantee that warrants your glasses against defects, workmanship and failures under normal use forever!

We guarantee a perfect fit...

ThinOptics reading glasses are continually delivering happiness to thousands of noses, so we're confident enough to guarantee fit and comfort. Not happy? Simply return your glasses within 30 days and we will provide a full refund no questions asked.

How do I register for the lifetime guarantee?

If you purchased your ThinOptics reading glasses through then there's nothing more to do, your Lifetime Guarantee has been activated automatically so we already have you covered!

If you did not purchase on then please refer to your retail packaging for details of how to register.

How do I order a replacement?

Once registered, replacements can be processed by visiting