Minimal design for maximum style

We take sunglasses on and off multiple times each day. When we aren’t wearing them, we either put them in a bulky case which takes up space, or jam them in a pocket or bag which can scratch a lens or damage the frame. We determined that sunglasses should be attractive and convenient to carry, so we designed sunglasses that are beautiful to wear and an elegantly slim case in which to carry them.

Designed for freedom


SHADO provides you with freedom by liberating your physical space

and mind so that you can move more freely and light.

Introducing the Wanderlust Collection


Our signature sunglasses collection, Timeless, tested the boundaries of the impossible when we merged classic style with cutting edge engineering. In true SHADO tradition, the new Wanderlust collection pushes those boundaries even further.

The outcome is a stylish & fun collection, perfect for outdoor brunch or a day on the water. When you've got wanderlust, your days of exploring quickly turn into evenings of activity. But just because the sun goes down doesn't mean you should have to keep track of a bulky case for your cumbersome sunglasses.

The unique case for your Wanderlust sunglasses comes with our signature Connect technology. This elegant solution means that your sunglasses fit snugly on the back of your smartphone, protected by our elegantly engineered case.

Now you're free to experience your own wanderlust for as many sunrises & sunsets as you want!

Wanderlust Connect Case Technology


The Wanderlust Connect case affixes to your smartphone employing a magnet secured with double-stick adhesive. The magnet then anchors to the Connect case, enabling nimble & convenient removal.