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NOW LIVE: Full Frame Solutions 30% Off  Save Now 

The Clarity Kit: The Perfect Answer for Finding the Right Strength Reading Glasses

Woman wearing Readers while looking at recipes in a cookbook

Look, we understand the struggle of finding the perfect pair of reading glasses — especially when you're unsure of your required lens strength. But an expensive visit to the eye doctor shouldn’t prevent you from finding your ideal pair of readers, and who wants to stand at the drugstore trying out a million different glasses that are going to break soon anyway?


At ThinOptics, we solved this problem by developing the optimal solution: The Clarity Kit — a four-pack of our signature best-selling pince-nez style Readers in varying diopter strengths, accompanied by a slim and durable Universal Pod case that can attach to your phone (or any hard and flat surface) via an included adhesive strip.

Try them on and live with them for a while! Read a magazine, some text messages, an old recipe or a takeout menu! After choosing the strength that gets you closest to clear vision, give the remaining three pairs to anyone you know that could benefit from clear vision!

Man removing Readers from a Universal Pod attached to the back of a phone case

We designed the Clarity Kit with a passion for making it simple and convenient to discover the best reading glasses for your eyes. This kit enables you to test each pair of Readers in the comfort of your own home, using familiar reading materials. This eliminates the need for guesswork and multiple store visits to find the perfect strength. 

Image graphic of customer review: “My husband has a pair, for when he wears his contacts. I tried them for added magnification when I am hand sewing. I love them!” - Sandra N.

But the Clarity Kit offers more than just convenience - it also provides an exceptionally comfortable reading experience. The pince-nez style Readers included in the kit are incredibly lightweight and user-friendly, with no arms to get in the way or cause discomfort. The Universal Pod case complements this convenience, ensuring your Readers are protected and easily accessible at all times.

Man wearing Readers while using his mobile phone

Not only is the Clarity Kit a practical and cost-effective solution for anyone in need of reading glasses, it is also a fantastic gift idea. If you have a friend or family member that requires reading glasses but you’re unsure of their appropriate strength, the Clarity Kit presents a solution. It's a thoughtful and pragmatic gift that will greatly enhance their daily life.

Woman wearing Readers with super-imposed image of the Clarity Kit

The Clarity Kit revolutionizes the experience of finding the ideal reading glasses. It is an excellent investment for yourself or anyone you love that may need reading glasses but is uncertain of the right lens strength. 

Order the Clarity Kit now, and begin your journey to crystal-clear vision that’s Always With You!

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