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Product Spotlight: Blue Light Blockers

We’ve all been there before—days when we just couldn’t peel our eyes away from the screen. Whether it’s due to the all nighter you pulled to finish work or while closely following the developments of gripping news, a lot of us, in fact, are already there on the daily. Staring at our screen for hours on end—working, writing, scrolling our feeds, or watching TV, our electronic devices are here to stay, and increasingly as a part of our everyday lives.

You may have noticed after one of these days that you experience digital eye strain, visual fatigue, headaches, or insomnia. Maybe you’re one of the 43% of adult Americans that requires 5+ hours a day of computer use for work, and are already used to experiencing some of these as ongoing symptoms of blue light overexposure.

Luckily, there is a very simple solution to help reduce the harmful effects of blue light.

What is Blue Light?

So, what is blue light? When we talk about blue light, we are referring specifically to artificial blue light, which replicates the natural blue light wavelengths produced by the sun. Natural blue light is made up of some of the shortest and highest intensity wavelengths in the visible spectrum.

When this light is replicated in electronic devices to create the color blue, these energetic wavelengths create a flickering that can be harmful to our eyes, affecting visual clarity and sleep, inducing headaches, eye strain, and putting our retinas at risk of cataracts.

The easiest way to protect yourself from this artificial blue light is by wearing blue light blocking glasses while using your electronic devices, although there are other precautions we should all be taking to reduce risk and practice preventative eye maintenance.

ThinOptics Blue Light Blockers

Just as lightweight and durable as any of our Vision Solutions, our Blue Light Blocking Glasses are here to help you fight blue light.

Available in both round Manhattan and rectangular Brooklyn designs, ThinOptics Blue Light Blockers have the same stylish thin frame construction as all our other Full Frame Reading Glasses, and are made of the same polycarbonate plastic material that makes them virtually indestructible.

The Blue Light Blockers come in three frame color variations and five magnification strengths, including no strength. Their lenses incorporate a mild yellow filter that blocks blue light, while reducing the glare caused by unnatural high frequency blue light waves. Wearing your blue light blockers regularly while using your electronic devices can improve your quality of sleep, protect you from digital eye strain, and prevent the symptoms associated with overexposure to artificial blue light.

More than ever, vision problems can affect any of us, especially those in constant contact with blue light. That’s why it is so important that we each take preventative measures to protect our eyes and look out for our vision long term.

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