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What is a Vision Solution?

Woman holding ThinOptics Headline Readers + Black Universal Pod on the back of a phone

If you use reading glasses, you know how difficult it is to take them with you everywhere you need them. Drugstore reading glasses are inherently fragile — prone to breakage, damage, and getting lost. That is, until ThinOptics engineered the world’s first all-in-one Vision Solution.

Woman holding ThinOptics Connect Reading Glasses + Connect Case attached to the back of an iPad tablet

What’s the Difference between Reading Glasses and Vision Solutions?

Vision Solutions are exactly what they sound like: solutions to these issues generally associated with reading glasses. By creating durable, lightweight readers & reading glasses that fit into ultra-slim & compact cases, ThinOptics has made access to clear vision more convenient than ever. Simply attach your Vision Solution to your phone or discreetly slip them into any small pocket for a life-changing life-hack. Now, you’ve got your reading glasses with you every single time you reach for them. Boom! Problem Solved.

ThinOptics Headline Readers + Black Universal Pod

How Do They Work?

Crafted from lightweight polycarbonate plastic, ThinOptics Readers are as thin as two credit cards and lighter than a nickel, yet designed for maximum durability. The ‘solution’ part of Vision Solutions comes from their Always With You accessibility, with a variety of equally slim & resilient cases that attach to your laptop, phone, keys or wallet, seamlessly integrating into your daily essentials so clear vision is Always With You.

ThinOptics Vision Solutions

Readers + Case Solutions: Our signature pince-nez style Readers sit snugly on your nose without the need for temples. Optimized for shorter durations of reading, the Readers are perfect for taking on the go, like when you need to read the fine print, a magazine, or a menu. 

ThinOptics Headline Readers + Case Solutions. Readers + Universal Pod Case, Readers + Keychain Case, Readers + Flashcard Wallet Case, Readers + Slimline Phone Case

The Readers come in six colors and four strengths, ranging from +1.0 strength to +2.5 strength. Their variety of Case Solutions, including the Keychain Case, the Universal Pod, the Flashcard Wallet, and the Slimline Phone Case, make it easier than ever to keep your glasses around at all times for quick and easy clear vision. 

ThinOptics Full Frame Vision Solutions. Brooklyn Full Frame Reading Glasses + Milano Case, Manhattan Full Frame Reading Glasses + Milano Case, Connect Full Frame Reading Glasses + Connect Case

Reading Glasses & Blue Light Blockers + Case Solutions: ThinOptics full-frame Vision Solutions are designed for longer durations of use, like when you’re reading a book at home or sending out emails at the office. Available in three classic designs, including the round Manhattan Reading Glasses, the rectangular Brooklyn Reading Glasses, and the Connect Reading Glasses, these full-frame Reading Glasses are just as easy to take with you anywhere. 

ThinOptics Blue Light Blocking Solutions. Brooklyn Blue Light Blocker Glasses. Manhattan Blue Light Blocker Glasses.

Also available as Blue Light Blocking Glasses with a barely noticeable yellow tint, the Manhattan and Brooklyn Reading Glasses each fit securely in a sleek & ultra-slim Milano Case, while the Connect Reading Glasses slide seamlessly into the Connect Case, which easily attaches to any hard and flat surface. 

ThinOptics Full Frame Reading Glasses colors. Manhattan Full Frame Reading Glasses. Brooklyn Full Frame Reading Glasses.

The Manhattan and Brooklyn Reading Glasses are available in six colors and four strengths, ranging from +1.0 strength to +2.5 strength, while the Connect reading glasses are available in three colors and go up to +3.0 strength. Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses are also available as plano (0 strength) lenses. 

ThinOptics Sunglass Solutions. Mountain View Sunglasses + Case. Palo Alto Sunglasses + Case.

Sunglasses + Case Solutions: Stylish, and just as thin and durable as the rest of our Vision Solutions, our two lines of sunglasses are incredibly unique. Featuring timeless designs, reimagined for modern convenience, the Timeless Collection includes classic round Palo Alto Sunglasses and iconic aviator style Mountain View Sunglasses, each available in a variety of lens and frame color variations. Both of these designs fit into a brushed aluminum case that magnetically latches shut, protecting your sunglasses while fitting in any tight space. 

ThinOptics Sunglass Solutions. Los Altos Sunglasses + Case. Menlo Park Sunglasses + Case.

Inspired by the spirit of adventure, the Wanderlust Collection features two contemporary designs — the Menlo Park Sunglasses and the Los Altos Sunglasses — also available in a wide variety of color options. All ThinOptics Sunglasses include polarized & UV protective lenses. Fitting snugly in a case similar to the Connect Case, these functional accessories are engineered to take everywhere for constant protection from the sun, in style.

Now that you know a little about our one-of-a-kind Vision Solutions, try them out for yourself and discover the best lifehack you never knew you needed!

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