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The Smart Choice for Back to School: ThinOptics Full Frame Vision Solutions

Woman wearing Manhattan Reading Glasses while working at a desk

School is back in session, and clear vision is a must-have! As the classroom fills with eager students and dedicated educators, ThinOptics provides the perfect Full Frame Vision Solutions to make learning effortless and stylish. Explore our unique eyewear designed for the academic world.

Manhattan Reading Glasses with the Milano Case

Manhattan Reading Glasses: These round, elegant glasses are perfect for those who crave style and functionality. With magnification strengths from +1.00 to +2.50, they can adapt to various reading needs. Manhattan Reading Glasses are also available in Blue Light Blocking versions for added screen protection. The Manhattan frames pair perfectly with a Milano Case, which can effortlessly attach to your phone or laptop, keeping clear vision easily on hand. Versatility is key, with ten frame color options and a design that’s Always With You.

Brooklyn Reading Glasses with the Milano Case

Brooklyn Reading Glasses: Sturdy and fashionable, the Brooklyn Reading Glasses are your go-to for intensive study sessions. Ranging from +1.00 to +2.50 strength, including Blue Light Blocking options, these glasses are available in ten vibrant frame colors. They're designed to provide comfort without sacrificing style, an essential addition to your study routine. The Brooklyn frames fit seamlessly in the Milano Case, designed to attach to your favorite devices, and are also compatible with the Connect Case.


Connect Reading Glasses with Connect Case

Connect Reading Glasses: For the tech-savvy learner, Connect Reading Glasses offer a unique solution. Available in strengths up to +3.00, these full frame reading glasses attach conveniently to any mobile device. With three frame colors to choose from, Connect Reading Glasses are perfect for those looking to stay connected without losing focus on their studies. 

Brooklyn and Manhattan Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses: A standout in our collection, our Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses are designed to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of screen glare. These glasses are available in all the above styles, with strengths up to +2.5. They are also the only option available in 0.0 strength (plano), providing essential screen protection even for those without presbyopia. The Connect Case, designed specifically for our Connect Reading Glasses, allows them to effortlessly attach to any mobile device, ensuring they are always within reach.

ThinOptics: Your Essential Academic Ally

Man wearing Manhattan Reading Glasses while reading a book

Education is a journey, and ThinOptics makes it easy. Forget about bulky and breakable glasses. Our ultra-thin, strong reading glasses are here for you. Whether you love the chic Manhattan, tough Brooklyn, or tech-friendly Connect, your vision stays clear all semester.

The classroom awaits, and with ThinOptics, you'll never miss a detail. Explore our collection today and let us be part of your academic success. Remember, with ThinOptics, learning is more than insightful; it's a stylish adventure, in which clear vision is Always With You.

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