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Celebrate Mother’s Day with the Perfect Gift from ThinOptics

Blonde woman wearing round Manhattan Reading Glasses reading from a clipboard at a table.


Mother’s Day is coming up! Every year, this is a special time to thank all the wonderful women in our lives. At ThinOptics, we know moms are superheroes that are always on-the-go. That’s why we created a collection of great gifts that are stylish and useful for her everyday life.

Great Gifts for Mom


ThinOptics Readers being pulled out of a Slimline iPhone Case at a drugstore greeting card aisle


This Mother's Day, get mom the gift of convenient clear vision:

  • Readers + Universal Pod & Readers + Keychain: These readers are super thin, like two credit cards, and are designed for quick reading anywhere. Each pair is compatible with a Universal Pod Case, a Keychain Case, or a variety of our revolutionary Case Solutions. The Expression Collection features the same Universal Pod Case with beautiful designs inspired by all the things moms love. It's a mix of style and function that fits mom’s personality.
  • Full Frame Reading Glasses + Cases: For moms who read a lot, our Full Frame Reading Glasses are perfect. They look good, they’re comfy, and they’re ideal for a longer reading session. Choose from styles like the Manhattan Reading Glasses, the Brooklyn Reading Glasses, and the Connect Reading Glasses.
  • Reading Sunglasses: Enjoy the sunshine without squinting. Our Reading Sunglasses keep your eyes safe from the sun and let you see clearly. They come in both the Brooklyn frames and the round Manhattan frames.
  • Readers + Universal Pod Wallet: This wallet lets you keep your readers, cash, cards, and ID all in one place. It attaches to your phone with MagSafe® Technology. This makes it easy to carry everything you need. The readers are light, strong, and always ready to help you see better.
  • Clarity Kit: Not sure what strength of readers to get? The Clarity Kit has different strengths for mom to test out for herself. It’s a great gift that lets mom find her perfect match.


Blonde woman smiling while wearing red ThinOptics Readers and reading from a book on a couch

Why ThinOptics?

ThinOptics means innovation, style, and ease. Our Vision Solutions make sure moms never have to worry about forgetting their glasses or dealing with big, uncomfortable, easily breakable frames. ThinOptics glasses are light, strong, and meant to be ‘Always With Her.’


A pair of round Manhattan Reading Glasses and round Manhattan Reading Sunglasses next to each other on a wooden plate alongside a Milano Case and flowers


Find the perfect Mother's Day gift at ThinOptics now and make this day unforgettable for the amazing women in your life. They deserve the best, and with ThinOptics, you can give her just that. Explore the Mother’s Day Collection today!

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