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Reading Glasses for Men

If you’re a man over forty, you most likely already know you need men’s reading glasses. However, even men under forty often need reading glasses for better vision, and there’s no need to sacrifice functionality for style. Here’s your guide to picking out the best reading glasses for men that fit your personal style while remaining incredibly functional, portable, and convenient.

How Do You Know if You Need Men’s Reading Glasses?

Typically, men’s reading glasses are used as an effective treatment for presbyopia, an age related vision disorder common in men & women over the age of forty. Presbyopia makes it difficult to read up close, making small characters blurry, and causing eye strain and headaches after reading. While more common over forty, men of all ages can develop this condition, and can practice preventive eye care by wearing Blue Light Blocking Glasses while viewing screens on electronic devices like your phone, laptop, tablet or television.

If your conditions meet the symptoms of presbyopia, you’ll want to determine your required lens strength by taking a reading glasses strength test. ThinOptics offers elegantly designed reading glasses for men that range from +1.00 strength to +3.00 strength, and a zero strength option for the Blue Light Blockers. These innovative Vision Solutions combine reading glasses and case solutions that are uniquely thin, ultra-durable and lightweight, so you can take them anywhere and always count on good vision as you go about your day.

Finding Your Ideal Pair of Reading Glasses for Men:

Think about where you use your reading glasses most. Is it to read a book by the pool? To work on your screen in the office? Maybe you use your glasses most while you’re checking out the menu at a restaurant? Whether you use them more at home or running errands, ThinOptics allows you the ability to choose reading glasses best suited to your individualized reading needs.

If you need your glasses for shorter reading durations, check out our signature Headline Readers which are designed in a pince-nez style, without temples. Made to disappear into a variety of our Always With You cases—including the Wallet, the Keychain Case, the Phonecase, and the classic Universal Pod — these Readers are always there for you when you’re out and about. Choose the case type you know you’ll always have around and never be without your reading glasses when you’re in a pinch.

Those requiring reading glasses for longer periods of time might opt for one of our full frame Vision Solutions. The Connect Reading Glasses, which have stylishly chic rectangular frames, are accompanied by the Connect Case, which magnetically attaches and easily detaches to any hard and flat surface, so you can keep your reading glasses on your phone or laptop for easy access. The Brooklyn Reading Glasses also come in rectangular frames (slightly smaller than Connect Reading Glasses) while the Manhattan Reading Glasses come in round frames — both fit snugly in a sleek Milano Case that seamlessly fits in any small space in your bag or in your pocket. You won’t notice them until you need to.

Making Them Yours:

What good is a new pair of reading glasses if you don’t feel good about how they look? Personalize your next pair of readers by choosing frame colors that compliment the shape of your face, and go well with the typical color palette you tend to wear. ThinOptics offers a wide selection of frame colors, depending on the type of frames you choose, including black, brown, clear, blue, red, purple and tortoise.

If the Headline Readers suit you best, you can take it a step further and customize your Universal Pod with our Expression Collection Prints. Whether you’re into travel landscapes, pets, all kinds of sports, or just good vibes, find the print that calls your name and never part ways with the newest, most functional addition to your look.

Browse our website to check out all the different options for glasses and shop for your next pair of reading glasses for men and women!
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