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How to Pick The Best Reading Glasses For You

The Best Reading Glasses for You

With a seemingly endless sea of options to choose from, getting a new pair of reading glasses can be a challenging process. Of course, you want to be certain you’re getting the best suited glasses for your eyes and your lifestyle, so here are some questions to ask yourself when you’re in the market for a fresh pair of readers.

Do I Need a Prescription or Ready-made Glasses?

Before even trying on a pair of reading glasses, it’s important to determine whether you’ll need a prescription for your reading glasses or if ready-made glasses will suit your needs.

If your eyes require different magnification strengths, if you have myopia or astigmatism, or if you’re looking for multifocal or progressive solutions, you will likely need to see an optometrist for a prescription pair of glasses.

However, if you don’t require a prescription and are looking for a more convenient way to get a simple new pair of reading glasses, ready-made glasses are your best bet. Not only do they tend to be more inexpensive and well-suited for most people, you’ll also be able to select glasses that are functional and complement your day-to-day life.

Read on to learn about the various functions your reading glasses serve to make your life easier, and how to choose the best pair for your eyes.

What Strength Reading Glasses Do I Need?

If you’re buying a pair of ready-made glasses online, you’ll want to make sure that you’re wearing the right lens strength. If you don’t know your proper reading strength, take our Online Strength Test.

Don’t want to print anything or go through the hassle of testing yourself at home? Worry not. The Clarity Kit is a convenient solution to finding your optimal reading strength at home. With one kit, you’ll receive four pairs of virtually indestructible readers, ranging from +1.00 strength to +2.50 strength, along with our most popular Vision Solution, the Universal Pod Case. This allows you the ability to test each pair of reading glasses to find the most suitable diopter strength for your eyes.

Best of all, you get to do it in the comfort of your own home, then share the readers you’re not using with anyone who could benefit from our convenient Vision Solutions!

Read more about the importance of finding the right lens strength.

When and How do I Most Often Use My Glasses?

Functionality is key for your next pair of reading glasses. Not only should they have the right strength and look, but they should also be practical and easily accessible when you need them most.

Do you mostly need your readers while you’re on the couch at home reading a book? Maybe while you’re at a coffee shop trying to order from the menu and do some writing? You might be more suited for full frame Vision Solutions like our Manhattan or Brooklyn reading glasses, which come in an ultra-slim & super durable Milano case that conveniently fits in your purse or pocket.

Need your reading glasses more often for shorter durations on the go? Try our readers with no temples, which are smaller and incredibly portable. The best part about them is that they attach anywhere & go everywhere. If you plan to use your readers more indoors, these remarkably slim reading glasses can fit on the back of your phone or laptop in the Universal Pod Case. Maybe you need them more in your car, to read the map on your phone? Check out the keychain case here.

If you work on your phone or laptop for most of the day, you should consider getting blue light blocking reading glasses. Learn more about the harmful effects of blue light and the benefits of blue light blockers here.

Finally, be sure to select reading glasses made from light and durable materials. ThinOptics uses polycarbonate lenses, which make for lightweight and impact-resistant reading glasses that are portable and less likely to break.

Once you’ve decided on the practical details of your new pair of reading glasses, make sure you select a style that matches your taste and makes you happy! We’ve got a variety of different colors and styles that’ll make your vision clearer & your life easier!

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