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The Brooklyn Breakthrough Bundle

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  • Channel the sun-soaked streets with this 2-Pack of Brooklyn Reading Sunglasses and Brooklyn Reading Glasses, each accompanied by a Milano Case. Thin, durable, and crafted with that signature rectangular frame, they're every bit Brooklyn — iconic and ever-stylish.
  • With our 4mm-thin, felt-lined Milano Cases, your Reading Glasses & Sunglasses are safely tucked away with silent magnetic technology, ensuring you're ready for any setting — indoors or out. Keep one at home and attach the other to your phone for that impromptu sunlit reading session.
  • This 2-Pack delivers a pair of Brooklyn Reading Sunglasses and a pair of Brooklyn Reading Glasses, alongside two Milano Cases, doubling up on that unbeatable convenience.

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        Never lose your reading glasses again with the revolutionary Brooklyn + Milano Case! Watch this visionary solution facilitate the unparalleled convenience of having crystal clear vision Always With You

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