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Spring Break Vacay Feature | Suns & Full Frames Are Very Packable

Man and woman sitting on an outdoor sofa wearing sunglasses while chatting

Spring is upon us! Yes, the dark days of winter are finally coming to an end. We’re happy to report that the sun is back out again and the days only get longer from here. And what’s the best part of spring, of course? Spring break vacation! That’s right, it’s time to pack your bags and travel somewhere that’ll make you forget all about winter, and have you looking forward to all your summer adventures. Just make sure not to leave your clear vision behind… 

Hand reaching for Manhattan Reading Glasses in the Milano Case next to a vacation checklist

Eyewear is too often neglected when packing for a trip. Even if you have a nice pair of sunglasses that you can’t wait to show off in your IG photos, the risks of bringing them along include leaving them behind somewhere or damaging them — not to mention that hassle of carrying around their bulky cases. 

And who doesn’t love reading a good book on the beach? Obviously you’ll also need your reading glasses around to read the poolside cocktail menu. Maybe you’re used to constantly breaking your reading glasses on-the-go and replacing them with a cheap pair from the drugstore, but if you have an expensive pair of readers, wouldn’t you rather leave them at home and avoid the anxiety of breaking or losing them? And if the former describes you, aren’t you tired of wasting your money in an endless cycle of bad reading glasses?

Woman sitting at a table working on her laptop wearing her reading glasses

ThinOptics Vision Solutions were engineered to solve these specific problems. With the world’s thinnest, most durable Sunglasses and Reading Glasses in compact Cases that attach anywhere, you can protect your eyes from the sun and enjoy convenient clear vision on all your adventures while never having to worry about damaging or misplacing your glasses.

ThinOptics Vision Solutions


Woman standing in an outdoor foyer wearing Sunglasses
  • Timeless Collection: Inspired by classic round and aviator metal frames, these timeless designs are reimagined for modern day convenience. Featuring the Mountain View and the Palo Alto Sunglasses, this collection is available in a variety of frame and lens colors. Each pair of glasses is polarized for 100% UV protection and equipped with an anti-reflective coat for better viewing experience. Subtle hinges on the temples of these sunglasses facilitate compact folding into an ultra-slim brushed aluminum case, keeping your sunglasses snugly protected with a magnetic latch.
Man wearing Sunglasses with the Shado Case on the back of his phone
  • Wanderlust Collection: With more of a modern minimalist design, this collection includes both the round Los Altos Sunglasses and the rectangular Menlo Park Sunglasses. Both models are available in a variety of frame and lens colors, have polarized lenses for ultimate UV protection, and are equipped with an anti-reflective coat. These sunglasses are compatible with a 6mm thin case with a magnet that can attach to any smartphone device for easy carrying.

Reading Glasses

Manhattan and Brooklyn Reading Glasses with Milano Case
  • Full Frame Reading Glasses: Insanely thin and impressively durable, both the round Manhattan Reading Glasses and the rectangular Brooklyn Reading Glasses are the ultimate solutions for on-the-go reading. Each pair of Reading Glasses is only 2mm thin, and available in a variety of colors and lens strengths. They fit securely in the brushed aluminum Milano Case that’s as thin as two credit cards, making them incredibly compact and easily portable.
Connect Reading Glasses with Connect Case
  • Connect Reading Glasses: These are one of a kind — the Connect Reading Glasses are the first full frame reading glasses that can fit on any phone, for constant access to clear vision. With a Case that magnetically attaches to any of your devices, your Reading Glasses are truly Always With You!

Ready to protect your eyes and leave your eyewear anxieties behind? Can’t wait to be the most stylish and the most well-read person on Miami Beach? Then ready, set, Spring Break!

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