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Reading Glasses for Women

It’s not just about fashion anymore, the best reading glasses for women today are also incredibly functional. If you’re wondering whether you need a new pair, a first pair, or another pair, and you’re not sure about how to choose glasses that both match your style and work well for you, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about finding reading glasses for women that comfortably suit your unique personality.

How Do You Know if You Need Women’s Reading Glasses?

Do you find words and letters becoming blurry as they get close? Do you find yourself needing to move things further from your face in order to be able to read it? Have you been experiencing headaches or eye strain after reading? You might be experiencing signs of presbyopia. Presbyopia is a natural age-related condition that is a common reason for women to need reading glasses over the age of forty, although it can onset even earlier. Luckily there is a quick fix.

If you’ve noticed any symptoms of presbyopia, now is a good time to consider a pair of readers for corrective vision. The first step in picking them out is taking an online reading glasses strength test to determine the lens strength you’ll need. If you can read clearly but still experience headaches and eyestrain, consider a pair of Blue Light Blocking Glasses to help prevent the harmful effects of computer screens and other blue light emitting devices.

Unlike the standard reading glasses you’d buy at a drugstore, ThinOptics reading glasses come in a variety of ultra-portable, practically unbreakable Vision Solutions that can be taken anywhere without the fear of breakage. They are perfect for any woman that needs reading glasses while on the go and wants to remain fashionable without sacrificing convenience.

Optimizing Functionality

The best thing about ThinOptics Reading Glasses is their Always With You accessibility. If you work at home or in the office and primarily need your glasses for longer reading durations, you are best suited for any of our full-frame reading glasses, which come with temples that sit comfortably on your face. These reading glasses are available in either a sleek & incredibly slim Milano Case that easily fits in your purse or pocket, or a Connect Case, which magnetically attaches to the back of your phone or laptop case.

For reading glasses for women on the go who might need her reading glasses for shorter durations, such as at a restaurant, at the store, or anywhere outside the house, the Headline Readers are a great choice. They come in either a Keychain Case, a Phonecase, a Wallet Case, or the standard Universal Pods that fits anywhere & goes everywhere.

Finding the Right Fit

When picking out a pair of reading glasses, it’s important to think about choosing the frames that best compliment your face shape. For women that prefer a more alternative and unique look, our classic Headline Readers modernize a classic pince-nez style, meaning they delicately sit on your nose with a solid grip, without the need for temple arms.

For those that prefer a full-frame look, decide whether you prefer an elegant round frame or a tasteful rectangular frame, and choose between the Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Connect Reading Glasses. These full frame Vision Solutions are just as slim, durable, and lightweight as our Headline Readers – and either are perfect for women who need reading glasses.

Complementing Your Style

Your reading glasses should make your life easier, but they should also look good and complement your personal aesthetic. Once you’ve picked out your favorite frames, find the frame-color you like best. Pro Tip: think about which color would go well with most of your outfits. Our Connect Reading Glasses come in black, clear, or tortoise, while the Brooklyn and Manhattans come in those colors as well as brown, red, and blue.

If you’re opting for the Headline Readers, consider if any of the prints in the Expression Collection speak to you, or whether you prefer a black Universal Pod that goes with anything. The Expression Collection features over 50 unique prints to help you express yourself and add a bit more individuality to your day to day. Our Readers come in black, clear, blue, purple, red, or brown frames.

With ThinOptics, you can look good, feel your best, and never worry about forgetting a pair of reading glasses for women (or men!) at home or accidentally breaking them while you’re out. Ready to find your new favorite accessory?

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