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Product Spotlight: Case Solutions

Do you ever have that moment, right before you leave the house, when you stop and think to yourself “Should I bring my reading glasses?”

Your mind runs through all the possible situations in which you might need them—say, to read a label at the grocery store or what if you get an important text? You decide to bring them anyway, even though they’re quite fragile and your old glasses just recently broke. You put them in their case and struggle to fit it in your pocket, only managing to awkwardly fit it in halfway before realizing that maybe you just shouldn't bring them after all.

ThinOptics set out to fix this issue, fueled by frustration with these exact moments. We created the World’s Thinnest Reading Glasses with convenient access and peak portability in mind, so that no matter what, you’re never caught without your glasses when you need them.

Accompanying our revolutionary ultra-slim Readers, we engineered a variety of Case Solutions that are incredibly durable, just as thin, and gorgeously designed. Each of our unique Case Solutions welcomes convenience and ease into your life by focusing on the essentials and suiting your specific needs, so that your reading glasses are Always With You.

Essential solutions for the Headline Readers: Phone, keys, and wallet

  • Universal Pod: As thin as an envelope and small enough to fit on the back of any smartphone, the Universal Pod can truly go anywhere. Made from durable polycarbonate plastic, attach your Readers to any flat, non-porous surface for quick on-the-go access.

  • Keychain Case: The Keychain Case makes life simple. Attach your keys to this polycarbonate keychain case so that your Readers are always on you, protected until you need them. Slide the button up to use, and slide it back down to watch your Readers seamlessly disappear into their case.

  • Flashcard Wallet: Slim and compact, the Flashcard Wallet consolidates your most important items. Carry your Readers along with your cash, cards, and identification in a durable case that goes everywhere with you. Equipped with a money clip, the Flashcard Wallet is crafted from brushed stainless steel and finished with protective PVD coating for increased impact strength and excellent abrasion resistance.

  • Slimline & Slimline + Phone Case: Protect your phone and your Readers while making sure they’re on you at all times! This lightweight phone case houses your Headline Readers on the back, and is made from polycarbonate plastic, making it virtually indestructible. The case fits most iPhone models.

Solutions for Full Frame Reading Glasses:

  • Milano Case: Designed for our Frontpage Reading Glasses collection, the minimalist Milano case is sleek and elegant. Both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Reading Glasses fit safely in this incredibly thin brushed aluminum felt-lined case, which uses silent magnetic technology for ultimate security.

  • Connect Case: The game-changing Connect Case accompanies the Connect Reading Glasses – the world’s first full frame reading glasses that can fit on the back of your smartphone. Slide your reading glasses into their ultra-durable polycarbonate case that magnetically attaches and easily detaches from any mobile device.

Whichever your style or preference, we’ve got you covered. With a variety of color options for the cases on our website, you can pick the Vision Solution that makes you feel unique. So choose the Case Solution that matches your aesthetic and makes your life easier, and never look back.
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