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How To Set Up A Healthy Workspace for Your Eyes

In the past few years, we’ve collectively discovered that work can be done from anywhere. More than ever, people have been ditching traditional cubicle offices in favor of setting up home offices or working from parks and cafes. While the freedom to work from anywhere is incredibly convenient, it is essential that workers be mindful of their workspaces, creating an ergonomic set up to maintain eye health and avoid discomfort and fatigue.

What Is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics studies the best practices which can be implemented to create the ideal work environments for comfort and efficiency. With the goal of creating an individualized work space that best suits you, an ergonomic work environment can help achieve maximum productivity, while helping you avoid the health risks associated with sitting for a long time and staring at a screen for prolonged periods.

Creating a Visually Ergonomic Work Space

  • Positioning Your Screen

    • Prevent overworking your eyes by keeping your desktop monitor 25 inches from your eyes and your laptop at least 20 inches away.

  • Bump Up the Size

    • If you notice eye strain with your screen an arm’s length away from your eyes, consider increasing text size by increasing the zoom in your monitor settings.

  • Keep Your Space Bright

    • When your screen is brighter than your work environment, you may become susceptible to digital eye strain. Be sure to keep your office space illuminated with plenty of light and lower the brightness of your screen to adjust to your environment.

  • Avoiding Glare

    • Glare and reflections emitted from your screens can further irritate the eyes. Avoid this problem by reducing overhead light and by opting for ThinOptics full-frame Reading Glasses, which are equipped with an anti-reflective coating.

  • Take Frequent Breaks

    • A good trick is to follow the 20-20-20 rule while using your screens to ensure that your eyes aren’t being overworked. This simple technique involves looking away from your screen every twenty minutes and focusing on an object twenty feet away for twenty seconds. Doing this can help prevent dry eyes as well as eye strain. If you can afford to, getting up and walking around for a bit is just as good.

  • Adjust Your Climate

    • It is recommended that office temperature settings stay between 68 and 76 degrees, with humidity settings between 20 and 60 percent. Avoid creating a dry environment that would cause dry eyes by utilizing a humidifier in your work environment.

If your work space is ever changing, as it is for many of us in this mobile world, check out our signature Headline Readers, which are accompanied by a variety of convenient and portable cases to help you stay productive and get your work done from anywhere on the go.

There’s plenty you can do to ensure the optimal working space for you, anywhere you choose to work. ThinOptics’ ultra-slim Reading Glasses and lightweight Vision Solutions make it incredibly easy to practice preventative eye health maintenance, ensuring that clear vision is Always With You.

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