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What Do You Consider Essential?

ThinOptics Slimline Phone Case with ThinOptics Headline Readers Clear Frames

Phone. Wallet. Keys. We all check for these things on a regular basis when we’re getting ready to go just about anywhere. We consider these items essentials because we know that we’ll probably have to use them at some point while we’re out—and not having access to them in unexpected situations could ruin any perfectly good day.

Man holding ThinOptics Headline Readers Black Frames with Silver Universal Pod attached to phone

What Are Essentials?

So, what are essentials? Essentials are those things that are necessary to our everyday lives and that we’re always going to need around. While we all need our phones, wallets, and keys around, those of us with vision problems consciously consider the clear vision our reading glasses provide as part of our essentials checklist.

Woman holding ThinOptics Keychain with Black Headline Reader Frames

The problem is that carrying around reading glasses everywhere (like we do with our phones) is difficult. Traditional reading glasses that can be found at a drugstore are notoriously clunky, difficult to fit in our pockets, and prone to breakage. That’s why ThinOptics created our signature Readers—the first vision solutions designed for peak portability and Always With You accessibility.

ThinOptics Headline Readers in Black, Clear, Brown, Blue, Purple, Red Frames

Essential Reading Glasses from ThinOptics

The engineers at ThinOptics have developed reading glasses as thin as two credit cards, with lenses crafted from shatterproof polycarbonate plastic, engineered for durability and practicality. Each pair of ThinOptics Reading Glasses pairs with innovative cases that are just as thin — making for all-in-one Vision Solutions that attach anywhere and go everywhere with you, just like a daily essential should!

ThinOptics Headline Readers + Universal Pod, Headline Readers + Slimline Phone Caes, Headline Readers + Keychain, Headline Readers + Wallet

  • Readers + Case Solutions: The signature ultra-slim and lightweight pince-nez style Readers are ideal for shorter reading durations. They pair with the convenient Wallet Case, the compact Keychain Pod, the Slimline Phone Case, and the best-selling Universal Pod, which attaches to your phone or slips discreetly in your pocket. Without you ever having to worry about bringing along your reading glasses, these Vision Solutions add clear vision to your list of essentials.

ThinOptics Essential Multi-Pack, Headline Readers + Wallet, Headline Readers + Keychain

  • The Essentials Multi-Pack: The Essentials Multi-Pack makes it easier than ever to keep clear vision within arm’s reach. Consolidate your cards, cash, and ID along with your Readers in the Flashcard Wallet Case, and attach your Readers + Keychain Case to your keys, backpack, or luggage for Always With You convenience. Bundle up with a multi-pack of our impressively slim reading glasses and save 20%!

ThinOptics Full Frame Reading Glasses, Brooklyn Full Frame Reading Glasses + Milano Case, Manhattan Full Frame Reading Glasses + Milano Case, Connect Full Frame Reading Glasses + Connect Case

If you tend to use your reading glasses for longer durations at home or at the office, be sure to check out ThinOptics full-frame Reading Glasses, which are  also designed for quick & easy access to clear vision. Your clear vision is an essential part of your  daily life — make your reading glasses one less thing to worry about when you discover ThinOptics Vision Solutions!
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