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Shuffle Pods for Your Readers

Animated graphic showing Always With You Multi Pack using shuffle technology

Are you obsessed with the convenience of the world’s thinnest Readers, Reading Glasses, & Sunglasses? If you’re here, chances are you are. And if your ThinOptics Vision Solutions go everywhere with you, you’re going to love this: Introducing the all new Printed Universal Pods, now with Shuffle Technology™! 

This one is a true game changer. Not only can you keep your Readers on the back of your phone — Now, you can swap them out for the Vision Solutions you need on any given occasion. 

Spring and Winter Expression Collection of Universal Pods

How is this Possible?

The classic Universal Pod is great, but it’s a commitment. While the classic Universal Pod attaches to your phone via ultra-strong adhesive, the Printed Universal Pods with Shuffle Technology™ provide even more freedom & flexibility by easily connecting and disconnecting from your devices via a magnetic mount.

What is Shuffle Technology™?

Shuffle Technology is a new way for ThinOptics customers to swap between the cases of their ultra-slim Readers and Reading Glasses to the surface of their choice. This technology uses a small mount equipped with a strong magnet to securely attach the glasses to the surface, allowing for easy removal and reattachment as needed. 

Man wearing Readers while using a mobile phone with a Universal Pod on the back, and wearing Reading Glasses with the Milano Case attached to the back of a tablet, image of the Always With You Multi Pack

This eliminates the need for double-sided tape, making it easier to move the glasses to a different surface. Certain ThinOptics case solutions are now built to receive the strong magnetic connection, which makes it easier to swap between different glasses or designs. Shuffle Technology provides users with a flexible and convenient solution for carrying their reading glasses with them wherever they go.

Feel free to switch out your Winter design for a Spring design when the seasons change, swap your Readers for your Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses when you’re heading into the office. With Shuffle Technology™, your eyewear options are endless.

Woman wearing Connect Reading Glasses with a Connect Case attached to a tablet

As thin as only two credit cards, the Printed Universal Pods with Shuffle Technology™ are otherwise identical to the classic Universal Pods, featuring the same unmatched durability & security for your Readers that you know and love, with added convenience.

Currently, Shuffle Technology™ is available for the Black Universal Pod included in the Always With You Multi-Pack (alongside Connect Reading Glasses + Case) as well as for all Printed Universal Pods.

Man removing Readers from the Universal Pod on the back of a mobile phone

So ditch your worries about them breaking or losing your Reading Glasses and discover the all new Printed Universal Pods with Shuffle Technology™ today — enjoy the freedom of having access to clear vision right at your fingertips and Always With You!

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