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Choosing Your Vision Solutions

Woman wearing ThinOptics Headline Readers looking at phone with ThinOptics Universal Pod attached. Brown Frames.

Shopping for reading glasses? With so many options out there, we know it’s hard to figure out where to start. Whether you’re on the market for a first pair of reading glasses, or you’ve just decided it’s time for a change, ThinOptics offers a wide range of Vision Solutions guaranteed to suit your specific needs.

ThinOptics Headline Readers, Brooklyn Full Frame Reading Glasses, Manhattan Full Frame Reading Glasses, Connect Full Frame Reading Glasses. All four ThinOptics Reading Glasses Frames


What Makes Our Reading Glasses Different?

ThinOptics Vision Solutions are distinctly different from the standard reading glasses you would find at your local drugstore. Made from shatterproof polycarbonate plastic, our Readers and Reading Glasses are incredibly durable, lightweight, and as thin as two credit cards. When paired with a selection of ultra-slim cases engineered for convenience and portability, these lenses are full blown Vision Solutions. 

ThinOptics Readers + Universal Pod, Readers + Keychain, Readers + Slimline Phone Case, Readers + Flashcard Wallet, Brooklyn Full Frame Reading Glasses + Milano Case, Manhattan Full Frame Reading Glasses + Milano Case, Connect Full Frame Reading Glasses + Connect Case. All ThinOptics Vision Solutions displayed.


Say goodbye to the days of bringing your readers along on a beach trip just to find them damaged by the time you get home. Forget the days of finding yourself at the grocery store without the ability to read the nutrition label on your favorite item. With ThinOptics, your clear vision is always just a quick reach away. 
Read on to learn about our various types of Vision Solutions and discover the pair that would make your life easiest!

Man holding ThinOptics Headline Readers + Silver Universal Pod attached to phone outside sitting at a table.

For Your On-the-Go Reading Needs

If you’re spending most of your day on-the-go — running errands, eating out, or seeing people, Vision Solutions optimized for shorter reading durations are probably best for you. ThinOptics’ signature pince-nez style Readers sit lightly on your nose and range from +1.0 strength to +2.5 strength. The Readers are our most compact Vision Solutions and pair well with our most versatile cases.

ThinOptics Readers + Universal Pod, Readers + Keychain, Readers + Slimline Phone Case, Readers + Flashcard Wallet. ThinOptics Headline Readers + Case Solutions
  • Universal Pod: The Universal Pod is unbelievably slim, attaching to just about any flat surface like your phone or laptop – and fitting in just about any tight space like your purse or pocket. This Case Solution is ideal if you often use your phone or if you need quick access to your Readers at restaurants and grocery stores. Available in a number of classic colors, the Universal Pod can also be found in the Expression Collection, which features over 50 unique prints made to show off your style and express yourself. 
  • Slimline Phone Case: The Phone Case makes it easy, ensuring that your Readers are always on your phone. Fitting snugly inside an ultra-thin compartment attached to the Phone Case, pulling out your Readers is as convenient as grabbing your phone. This Vision Solution is perfect for you if you’re never without your phone.
  • Keychain: Keep your essentials in one place and attach your Readers to your keys or backpack with the Keychain Case. Available in a matte black or brushed aluminum finish, this compact case keeps your Readers tucked safely away until you’re ready to slide them up and use them. This Vision Solution is best suited for you if you’re always on-the-go with your keys nearby. 
  • Flashcard Wallet: The Flashcard Wallet consolidates your cards, cash, ID, and Readers all in one slim case that’s Always With You. Available in sleek black and beautiful rose gold, the Flashcard Wallet is incredibly convenient and perfect for using at the store or at a restaurant.  

          For Longer Reads

          Those of you that mostly use reading glasses for books, documents, and laptops are best suited for Vision Solutions designed for longer reading durations. Our three stylish designs of full-frame Reading Glasses are just as thin and durable as the Readers, and pair with two insanely slim cases that go everywhere. 

          ThinOptics Brooklyn Full Frame Reading Glasses + Milano Case, Manhattan Full Frame Reading Glasses + Milano Case, Connect Full Frame Reading Glasses + Connect Case. All of ThinOptics Full Frame Reading Glasses Vision Solutions

          • Brooklyn + Manhattan Reading Glasses: The Brooklyn and Manhattan Reading Glasses are inspired by classic styles and reimagined for modern convenience. Available in rectangular frames and circular frames, respectively, these full frame Reading Glasses are a perfect match for some reading before bed or a work session at the office. Available in strengths ranging from +1.0 to +2.5, they fit neatly in the incredibly thin Milano Case, which magnetically latches shut to secure your glasses while discreetly slipping into any small pocket for instant access. 
          • Connect Reading Glasses: The Connect Reading Glasses Vision Solution is the first pair of full-frame Reading Glasses that can seamlessly attach to your phone, laptop, or any hard & flat surface. Attach your Connect Case where you know you’ll need it most, and never wonder about where your glasses are again! The Connect Reading Glasses are our only Vision Solutions that range from +1.0 strength to +3.0 strength.
          ThinOptics Blue Light Blocking Full Frame Reading Glasses + Milano Case. Diagram of ThinOptics lenses blocking artificial blue light to protect your eyes.

          • Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses: For you avid scrollers, Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses are the ideal solution! Ideal for long hours in front of your work screen, unwinding and watching TV, or for those days when you just can’t lift your eyes from your phone. ThinOptics Blue Light Blockers feature the same durable and ultra-slim construction as the rest of our full-framed reading glasses, but include a light yellow lens filter, making it incredibly easy to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of excessive blue light exposure — like headaches, eyestrain, and trouble sleeping. These Vision Solutions are available in both the Brooklyn (pairing with either a Milano or Connect Case) and Manhattan (pairing with a Milano Case) designs, and range from 0 strength (plano) to +2.5 strength. 
          ThinOptics Multi-Packs; Readers + Universal Pod, Readers + Keychain Multi-Pack. Both together on a table showing the versatility of the Vision Solutions.

          Need Reading Glasses For All Occasions?

          Bundle up and save with our variety of Multi-Packs that are always 20% off! Choose the Multi-Packs best suited to your reading needs and strategically keep your reading glasses everywhere you need them!

          What are you waiting for? Now that you know the kind of Reading Glasses that’ll best complement your day-to-day lifestyle, it’s time to choose what speaks to you! Explore Vision Solutions that’ll meet your needs and make it easy to count on clear vision.

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