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Is It Time For Reading Glasses?

Woman sitting at desk reading paper
Are these words a little blurry? There’s absolutely no shame in realizing you have to squint a little more to read the words in your book, or getting headaches after you’ve been scrolling on your screen for a bit too long. Most of us (especially around the age of 40) eventually require reading glasses to maintain the crystal clear vision we once had.

When Do You Need Your First Pair of Reading Glasses?

Woman deep in thought wondering if it's time to get reading glasses.

There are a few reasons why it may be time to consider buying your first pair of reading glasses, primarily presbyopia. Common in people over 40, presbyopia is a natural, age-related condition in which the eye’s lens loses flexibility, gradually making it more difficult to see things clearly up close. If you’re having to move your phone away from your face to see it better or you find yourself constantly squinting while reading, you might be affected by this condition and would benefit from a pair of reading glasses to compensate for it.

Woman at computer desk working reading paper

Another reason for why it may be time to invest in a pair of reading glasses is if you use your phone or computer for work, and spend a large portion of your day staring at screens. In this case, Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses would help you avoid the harmful effects of overexposure to artificial blue light — which include trouble sleeping, headaches, and eyestrain.

How Reading Glasses Can Help

Man sitting reading a magazine wearing ThinOptics Connect Full Frame Reading Glasses

Reading glasses magnify the finer details your eyes may no longer be tuned to. With the correct diopter strength, your vision is more focused on shorter distances. Ranging from +1.0 strength to +3.0 strength, ThinOptics Vision Solutions are engineered to be “Always With You,” facilitating convenient access to clear vision at all times. Read on to learn more about how to find your correct diopter strength!

Know Your Strength?

No? No worries! Our handy guide & strength test is easy to complete from the comfort of your home. If you’re shopping for your first pair of reading glasses and don’t know your proper lens strength, we recommend starting with the lowest strength that helps you see clearly. Keep in mind that your magnification strength might need adjusting approximately every five years. 
If you really want to be sure about purchasing the right lens strength, another solution is to check out the Clarity Kit — a bundle containing four strengths of our signature Readers, along with one of our best-selling Universal Pods that attaches anywhere and goes everywhere. This way, you can test out the ideal fit for your eyes, and give the rest of the Readers away to anyone who would benefit from crystal clear vision!

Man sitting looking at phone wearing ThinOptics Headline Readers with Silver Universal Pod on back of phone

Choosing Your First Pair of ThinOptics Vision Solutions

ThinOptics Vision Solutions are expertly designed for peak portability and easy access, anywhere you need your reading glasses. Our Readers & Reading Glasses are as slim as two credit cards and crafted from shatterproof polycarbonate plastic, making them incredibly durable. Each of these revolutionary Readers pairs with a variety of case solutions that are just as slim, made to fit on your keychain or phone, in your pocket, and anywhere else you might need quick access to clear vision.

ThinOptics Vision Solutions - Readers + Universal Pod, Readers + Keychain, Brooklyn Full Frame Reading Glasses + Milano Case, Manhattan Full Frame Reading Glasses + Milano Case, Connect Full Frame Reading Glasses + Connect Case, Readers + Slimline Phone Case, Readers + Flashcard Wallet

  • Readers: Our flagship product — a pair of compact pince-nez Readers, optimized for reading on the go and for shorter durations. Don’t mind their lack of temples, these lightweight Readers sit snugly on your nose, without ever leaving marks. 
Needing corrective eyewear shouldn’t feel stressful or discouraging. Now that you know a little more about whether you may need a first pair of reading glasses and about how to choose them, view it as an opportunity to upgrade your accessory game! The perfect Vision Solutions are waiting for you.
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