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Who Needs Vision Solutions?

ThinOptics Insanely thin reading glasses in insanely thin cases

ThinOptics Vision Solutions changed the eyewear game entirely. From readers to reading glasses and sunglasses to blue light blocking glasses that fit virtually anywhere for Always With You accessibility, there’s a range of people that are ideal candidates for a pair of ThinOptics Vision Solutions.

Wondering if they could make your life easier? Read on to find out which of our Vision Solutions is your perfect match, and how it can help you effortlessly access clear vision anywhere.

Our Vision Solutions

ThinOptics Insanely thin reading glasses in insanely thin cases | Headline Readers + Black Universal Pod on back of phone | ThinOptics Vision Solutions

Readers & Reading Glasses + Case Solutions:

ThinOptics’ signature pince-nez style Readers and full-frame Reading Glasses are each engineered for optimal convenience, portability, and durability. As thin as two credit cards and ultra-durable, these practical reading glasses are ideal for anyone that has difficulty reading and seeing up close. Typically, this is a result of presbyopia — a condition that develops naturally for most people (generally over the age of 40), which involves the gradual loss of elasticity of the muscles that control the lens of your eye. 

Whether you are beginning to experience farsightedness or are already using reading glasses, ThinOptics Readers and Reading Glasses make it easier than ever to access clear vision all the time. Available with a variety of portable cases that fit in any pocket, and attach to your phone, wallet, or keys, these reading glasses are Always With You.

ThinOptics Vision Solutions | The world's thinnest sunglasses in the world's thinnest cases

Sunglasses + Case Solutions:

Featuring timeless styles, reimagined with modern day technology, ThinOptics’ line of sunglasses are ultra-slim, durable, and beautifully designed for your convenience. Featuring the Timeless Collection and the Wanderlust Collection, each of our four frame-styles are UV protected and equipped with anti-glare coating. 

Paired with their sleek and portable cases, and available in a variety of different lens and frame colors, ThinOptics Sunglasses are perfect for anyone that wants to spend time outside and look good while doing it!

ThinOptics Vision Solutions | Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses + Case Solutions:

Available in both the rectangular Brooklyn and circular Manhattan frames, ThinOptics’ Blue Light Blocking Glasses include lenses that are imbued with a light yellow filter, preventing the harmful effects of overexposure to artificial blue light. This blue light is emitted from our phones, laptops, and TV screens, and can often lead to headaches, trouble sleeping, and eye strain. 

If you experience any of these symptoms or if you use your electronic devices throughout the day, these blue light blockers are your ideal Vision Solutions to protect your eyes. These glasses are compatible with either the sleek Milano Case or the versatile Connect case, and are available in strengths ranging from 0.0 strength (plano) to +2.5 strength.

ThinOptics Full Line of Vision Solutions

Whatever your eyewear needs are, the perfect Vision Solution is waiting for you. Even if your vision is still crystal clear, it’s never too early to think about protecting your eyes — and with the holidays coming up, ThinOptics’ wide range of reading glasses, sunglasses and blue light blocking glasses make for great gifts that everyone will love!

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