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What Are Reading Glasses?

You might’ve seen them at your local drugstore or your optometrist's office — maybe you even own a pair. But let’s get down to basics:

Woman reading magazine wearing ThinOptics Full Frame Connect Reading Glasses in tortoise color

What Are Reading Glasses?

Reading glasses consist of two lenses that magnify your field of view, enlarging the words in your book or on your screen for crystal clear vision. Typically available from +1.0 strength to +4.0 strength, reading glasses are designed for short-term use and are ideal for those that require the same lens strength in each eye.

Woman at work squinting to look at laptop screen.

Why You Might Need Reading Glasses

At some point, typically past the age of 40, most of us need to use reading glasses due to presbyopia — an age-related condition in which farsightedness gradually develops, preventing us from seeing clearly up close and making small words and details appear blurry.

It’s important to note that those requiring two different lens strengths, and those experiencing astigmatism, myopia, or any other serious eye disorders should get checked out by an optometrist, and are probably best suited for prescription reading glasses. However, if you think you most likely have presbyopia, non-prescription reading glasses are an easy solution that you can buy online!

What to Watch Out For When Buying Reading Glasses

There are some major downfalls to most reading glasses out there, though. Fragile and easily lost, it’s simply impractical to bring your glasses with you everywhere you actually need to use them — like to a restaurant, the grocery store, or an outdoors reading session. That’s where we come in: ThinOptics’ innovative Vision Solutions make it easier than ever to have your instant access to clear vision Always With You.

ThinOptics Vision Solutions | All of ThinOptics Vision Solution Products

ThinOptics Vision Solutions

Ultra-durable, incredibly slim, and engineered for maximum convenience and peak portability, ThinOptics’ game-changing Reading Glasses + Case Solutions are the world’s most functional accessories. Featuring lenses crafted from shatterproof polycarbonate plastic, ThinOptics Vision Solutions are available in a variety of colors and magnification strengths ranging from +1.0 strength to +3.0 strength. Each of our Reading Glasses pair with a selection of versatile cases that attach anywhere and go everywhere, making for the perfect Vision Solutions.

ThinOptics Headline Readers Vision Solutions | All ThinOptics Case Solutions

  • Readers: Our signature pince-nez style Readers don’t need temples to get the job done. Feather-light and extremely compact, the Readers sit comfortably on your face, gripping your nose without leaving a mark. Ideal for shorter use and on-the-go reading, the Readers pair beautifully with a range of case solutions, including the Keychain, the Flashcard Wallet, the Slimline Phone Case, and of course, the best-selling Universal Pod.

ThinOptics Full Frame Vision Solutions | All of ThinOptics Full Frame Case Solutions

  • Reading Glasses: Just as thin and lightweight as the Readers, our line of full-frame Reading Glasses feature more classic designs, reimagined with modern-technology. Choose between round Manhattan Reading Glasses, rectangular Brooklyn Reading Glasses, and the Connect Reading Glasses for longer reading durations. The Brooklyn and Manhattan Reading Glasses pair with our sleek Milano Case — which fits practically anywhere and magnetically latches shut to keep your glasses secure at all times. The Connect Reading Glasses pair perfectly with the innovative Connect Case; able to attach to any hard and flat surface — like your phone or laptop — for quick use when you need your glasses most.

Woman wearing ThinOptics Manhattan Full Frame Reading Glasses in red

On the off chance that you didn’t know what reading glasses are, now you do! More importantly though, now you know where to find stylish, reliable reading glasses that are hard to break and even hard to lose. Explore our site to discover more of our revolutionary ‘Always With You’ Vision Solutions!

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