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The Benefits of Buying Reading Glasses Online

The Benefits of Buying Reading Glasses Online

Starting your search for a new pair of reading glasses? You might be contemplating between buying a pair online or getting your glasses prescribed by a doctor. If your eyewear needs are complicated or incredibly specific, there’s no question that a prescription is a good choice for you.

However, eyewear trends change quickly, and maybe you don’t want to deal with seeing an optometrist for a prescription. If you’re looking for more variety, affordable price points, and a convenient way to choose your next pair of readers, buying online is a great option.

Buying Reading Glasses Online is More Affordable

As the most affordable option, the primary reason to purchase reading glasses online is if you are trying to save money. Whether you understand that styles change constantly or you don’t want to overpay for a brand name from your eye doctor, you can find high quality readers from the comfort of your couch.

What Strength Reading Glasses Do I Need?

Not sure about your optimal lens strength? Take our Online Strength Test now!

If you don’t want to deal with a strength test yourself, or you’re not sure about your results, be sure to check out the Clarity Kit, our convenient solution that makes finding your perfect readers easy. Each affordable kit comes with four pairs of high quality readers that range from +1.00 strength to +2.50 strength. Test them all out to find the pair that works best for you, then give the rest away to friends & family who could use a great pair of reading glasses!

Double Up on Glasses

Maybe you want affordable glasses because you lead a hectic life and you’re always looking for your readers. If you have a lot of daily responsibilities and end up needing your reading glasses in various situations more often, our collection of Multi-Packs makes for the perfect solution. Choose the Multi-Pack that suits you most, and never have to choose again. Keep your reading glasses everywhere you need them—one pair for your car, another for the back of your phone, one for your purse, and one in the office.

There is a Larger Selection of Reliable Reading Glasses Available Online

Another major advantage to buying reading glasses online is having a lot more options to choose from. Opting to purchase your readers online means a vast selection of styles, colors, and materials that you likely won’t find at your optometrist’s office. This allows you to research your reading glasses ahead of purchasing to ensure they are high quality and reliable.

ThinOptics offers a multitude of original styles made from the most durable materials. Both our Readers and our various Full Frame Reading Glasses are practically indestructible and come in many different styles and colors. If you care about functionality and want your reading glasses to be convenient and versatile, we’ve got you covered: from Blue Light Blocking Glasses for all your screen time needs, to portable & ultra-slim readers that attach the back of your phone, your Keychain, or fit snugly in a ThinOptics Wallet. Keep your readers Always With You.

Warranty and Return Policies

Still another valuable benefit to shopping for your next pair of reading glasses online is that you can be informed about the warranty and return policies from wherever you buy. This is important to consider in case you didn’t get the exact reading glasses you wanted. To ensure you absolutely love your readers, ThinOptics offers a 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee and a 6-month Limited Warranty.

So avoid the crowds, the commute, the parking, and the lines – shop online for your next convenient Vision Solution by price, function, color, and style at!
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