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The Real Impact of ThinOptics Vision Solutions

Real Stories from Real Customers

“It was exactly what I needed!”

Diana was in a tough spot. A 46-year old paralegal from Denver, she never needed glasses growing up, but lately she was struggling to clearly see her emails, her text messages and the very important legal documents in front of her.

“At first, I thought I might just be dehydrated — that my eyes were dry and blurry and I just needed to drink some water,” she recalls, “but that didn’t help, and this was really starting to affect my work.”

After a few weeks struggling with blurry vision, she was at a deposition with a lawyer who pulled a pair of ThinOptics Readers from the back of his phone to review some paperwork. “I was amazed at how thin his glasses were and how easy it was for him to get them on his nose, review his notes and then slip them back onto his phone, then back into his pocket! It was like poetry in motion; I had to know what those were!”

She waited until after the deposition to inquire about those “remarkable reading glasses” her colleague had. “He was really excited to tell me all about them and how he kept multiple pairs throughout his home, office & car.”

“I still didn’t know much about what strength reading glasses I might need, but I sat in my car — in the parking lot of the deposition — went to ThinOptics’ website and saw the Clarity Kit, front and center! Four pairs of different strength reading glasses for me to test at my own pace and in my own surroundings — it was exactly what I needed!”

Diana bought the Clarity Kit online, got it four days later, tested all four strengths of readers, and found out that a +1.5 was her optimal lens strength.

“Not more than two weeks after I got the Clarity Kit,” Diana recalls, “I’m at lunch with my coworker, Betsy, before heading to another deposition and I did the exact same thing he did — I took my phone out, grabbed my readers, looked over the menu & put them back. Betsy was floored! She then did the same thing I did — asking me all about these magical reading glasses I just pulled out. I told her all about them, but even better, I was able to give her one of the extra pairs from my Clarity Kit, and they were the perfect strength for her!”

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“I had no idea how convenient they’d be.”

56-year old Neil, CEO of a logistics company, was constantly switching between emails & spreadsheets on his computer to text messages on his phone to paper documents in his distribution warehouse. His vision problems started like most people’s — when he was in his mid-40’s. Reluctantly, he bought his first pair of reading glasses at a drugstore on the way home from the office.

Over the years, he’s had his fair share of reading glasses — always setting them down after reading something and eventually being left with a broken or missing pair. “The loading dock is not a safe place for reading glasses,” he jokes. “But it (losing or breaking his reading glasses) got so bad I even broke down and bought the little strap so they’d hang around your neck. I caught a glimpse of myself in the reflection on the way back to my office and I looked like a grandpa — I hated it!” he says.

“I got back to my office, took the strap off and threw it in the trash. Then I googled ‘unbreakable reading glasses’ and discovered ThinOptics. I had no idea how convenient they’d be — I just wanted reading glasses that wouldn’t break so easily.”

Neil ordered our full frame Connect Reading Glasses + Connect Case in +2.0 strength and has never looked back.

“These things have saved me so much time and money, it’s unbelievable. My main pair is always on the back of my phone. I’ve got another pair stuck to my desk; I have a special clipboard for the warehouse with a pair stuck on the back; I keep a pair in the visor in my car and I probably have two or three pairs at home,” he muses.

Of course, we took special care to ensure that the rest of our reading glasses are as child-proof as possible – our frames are made from a shatterproof, thermo-injection molded, optical-grade polycarbonate and the lenses of our reading glasses are manufactured by one of the most advanced optical lens manufacturers in the world.

And despite their durability, Neil has never broken a pair of his ThinOptics. “Having the case on the back of my phone makes it so easy to keep them safe; you know what I mean? I can pop the case on and off my phone, but the glasses are always with me — either on my face or in their case. But my favorite thing has got to be how much time it saves me having my readers always with me.”

Get your full frame Connect Reading Glasses + Connect Case here.

“It’s so quick & convenient!”

Jennifer didn’t want to admit that she needed reading glasses. As the 49-year old owner of an entertainment industry PR firm, she worked hard to maintain a certain image (and reading glasses were NOT part of it).

“I was in complete denial. More and more, I was asking my assistant to read almost everything aloud to me — but you can’t just say everything out loud — especially in this industry — so I knew something had to change.”

In an industry where discretion is key, it was important for Jennifer to address her vision problems on her own. “I needed a quick fix. I needed this to be dealt with, like, yesterday. So a doctor’s visit or surgery simply weren’t an option.”

She discovered ThinOptics from a high-profile client. “He left his phone in my office after a meeting, so I chased him to the elevator to give his phone back and he was so grateful because it wasn’t just his phone that I was giving back to him; it was also his reading glasses. I was so confused! He’d been a client of mine for 7 years and I’d never known him to wear reading glasses.”

She stepped into the elevator with him and by the time they reached the ground floor, she had heard enough to be sold on the idea of reading glasses — but not just any reading glasses.

“My client spoke of ThinOptics as if they were an exclusive, insider-only brand — and it wasn’t until much later that I realized he was just a very enthusiastic customer, and for the exact same reasons that I was so excited about them!”

Jennifer bought our flagship product, Readers + Universal Pod, and keeps them on the back of her phone. “It just makes so much sense to me that I would have reading glasses connected to my lifeline to the world.”

“Literally, my phone is always in my hand — I hardly ever even put it in my pocket, which means that I’ve also always got my reading glasses in my hand. I pop them on when I need them, and I pop them off when I’m done - it’s so quick & convenient. Sure, the people I’m with notice them, but it’s more about the intrigue than about me wearing glasses! ThinOptics really have changed my life!”

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