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The Importance of Finding the Right Lens Strength Reading Glasses

The search for the right reading glasses to address your visual needs can be grueling. Drugstore reading glasses are convenient & inexpensive, but they're also brittle & bulky, making it difficult to have your reading glasses always with you when you need them. Besides, they're usually broken or lost, am I right?

Conversely, scheduling an appointment with an eye doctor is a great way to find what strength reading glasses you need. A thorough eye exam and visual acuity test (which includes the oft-searched-for reading glasses strength chart) are the most accurate tests to determine what lens strength your new reading glasses need to be. But it can be difficult to find time in your schedule to make all that happen. Such a bespoke experience can also be cost prohibitive, again making it difficult to get reading glasses with the right lens strength for your eyes.

Online strength tests (like ours!) are another popular way to get a general determination of the range of diopter strength that your reading glass lenses will likely need, but there truly is no substitute for being able to actually try on several pairs of reading glasses.

After all, you can’t buy the right reading glasses without asking yourself “What lens strength do I need?”

Common Problems in Finding What Strength Reading Glasses You Need

The two most common problems people have when trying to find reading glasses are:

1. Determining the right lens strength for their eyes, and

2. Locating a pair of reading glasses to fit their personal style

This pretty much covers most of the process of getting yourself some new reading glasses; right? Form & function.

In addition to vastly improving your quality of life by removing the strain associated with blurry vision, reading glasses can also protect your eyesight. In fact, research has found that people who wear their reading glasses more often have fewer eye-related disorders such as age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. Furthermore, regular eye exams are also an important part of detecting eye diseases early and preserving your vision.

Keeping these two facts in mind, it is evident how important finding the right lens strength is!

The Power of Knowing Your Strength

We created The Clarity Kit to solve these problems. Since there's nothing like actually wearing a pair of reading glasses to decide whether they're the right lens strength (and whether you like they way they look on you!), the Clarity Kit is designed to help you find the optimal lens strength for your eyes by giving you four pairs of our impossibly thin & impressively durable readers in four of the most popular diopter strengths (+1.0, +1.5, +2.0, & +2.5).

Test them all, choose the best, and share the rest. Because when you know your strength, seeing is easier!

Problem Solved

At ThinOptics, we’ve prioritized your need for easy access to clear vision, all the time. That means that our reading glasses are complete vision solutions that provide superior vision correction in an ultra-durable case that’s so slim, it can fit on the back of your smartphone.

Imagine clear vision always within reach, whether you’re at a dimly lit restaurant trying to decipher the menu or under the sink searching YouTube for a plumbing fix on your phone. Our flexible & durable readers and reading glasses are Always With You because we designed them that way.

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