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Protecting Your Eyes From UV Light

Woman using her hand to block the sun from her eyes.

Most of us know to protect ourselves from sun damage — at least when it comes to our skin: by covering up or wearing sunscreen. However, most of us forget that it’s just as important to protect our eyes from the sun and the damage UV rays can cause our vision.

Next time you venture outside (yes, even on a cloudy day!), make sure to throw on your pair of sunglasses. Read on to learn more about the harmful effects of UV rays, and discover the best protective eyewear to shield your eyes from the sun.

Light spectrum on eye representing danger of UV light eye damage

What Are the Symptoms of UV Eye Damage?

Ultraviolet (UV) light is a form of electromagnetic radiation that is naturally emitted from our sun. While essential for our body’s production of Vitamin D, exposure to UV radiation increases risks of blinding eye diseases, blurry vision, light sensitivity, and pain or redness.

That is, unless eye protection is used regularly. Wearing sunglasses with proper protective lenses is the best and easiest way to avoid sun damage to your eyes. The right sunglasses will also help eliminate glare, ensuring crystal clear outdoor vision. As a bonus, the best sunglasses should double as iconic accessories, instantly elevating any outfit.

ThinOptics Mountain View Sunglasses showing anti-reflective, UV blocking and polarized

Polarized Lenses

Sunglasses with polarized lenses involve a special coating that filters and blocks out glare. By blocking out horizontal light waves, polarized lenses provide clearer, more vibrant vision, while reducing reflections that can be dangerous — making us prone to headaches and accidents.

UV Protection

Proper sunglasses should include UV protective coating that prevents the penetration of UV light rays emitted from the sun. While this invisible coating is especially useful in the summer, be sure to wear your protective lenses outside even when the sun’s not out, since UV rays can cause eye damage even through a cloudy sky.

Man looking at sun wearing ThinOptics Los Altos Sunglasses

ThinOptics Sunglasses

Equipped with both anti-reflective polarized lenses and UV protective coating, each pair of ThinOptics Sunglasses are not only functional, but incredibly unique. As the world’s thinnest Sunglasses in the world’s most convenient cases, our stylish shades are engineered for peak portability, so you can easily protect your eyes anywhere without sacrificing style.

ThinOptics Timeless Collection Sunglasses; Mountain View and Palo Alto

Timeless Collection

  • Palo Alto Sunglasses: Palo Alto Sunglasses put a modern twist on timeless round lenses. Reimagined in two different frame & lens color options, these sunglasses have frames forged with high-tensile-strength stainless steel and a bridge made with super-elastic titanium, allowing your shades to preserve their shape & fit while preventing breakage. All Timeless Collection Sunglasses fit perfectly in the incredibly thin case, which magnetically clasps shut to keep your sunglasses protected anywhere.
  • Mountain View Sunglasses: An ingenious take on the classic aviator style lenses, the Mountain View Sunglasses are made from the same ultra-durable and lightweight materials as the Palo Alto Sunglasses. Available in three frame & lens color options, these compact lenses also employ subtle temple hinges, allowing them to sit in the same sleek and durable case that fits in virtually any pocket or tight space. 

ThinOptics Wanderlust Collection Sunglasses; Los Altos and Menlo Park

Wanderlust Collection

  • Menlo Park Sunglasses: Featuring four frame & lens color options, the Menlo Park Sunglasses are designed with a sophisticated vintage aesthetic. Created from durable and lightweight polycarbonate plastic and stainless steel temples, these unbelievably thin shades are built to last. Fitting snugly in a case that magnetically anchors to your smartphone (and easily detaches for convenient versatility), indulge your wanderlust and go anywhere with the comfort of knowing they are always protected. 
  • Los Altos Sunglasses: These contemporary sun specs feature a round frame design that is available in five frame & lens color options. Made from the same long-lasting materials as the Menlo Parks, you can count on the Los Altos Sunglasses to protect your eyes anywhere, while making a perfect addition to any outfit. Pairing with the same case that attaches to your phone, you’ll never worry about losing or breaking your sunnies again. 
The most important thing to think about when shopping for sunglasses is whether they include features like UV protection and an anti-reflective coating. Now comes the fun part: finding a pair of lenses that matches your personality and compliments your style!
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