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NOW LIVE: Full Frame Solutions 30% Off  Save Now 
NOW LIVE: Full Frame Solutions 30% Off  Save Now 

2022 ThinOptics Wrapped!

Man holding ThinOptics Connect Reading Glasses with Connect Case

Every year, music-lovers excitedly await that one day in December when we all find out which music we listened to most in the past 12 months. Maybe you’ve heard of Spotify Wrapped… Well eyewear-lovers, rejoice: this year, get ready for the first ever ThinOptics Wrapped — featuring your favorite Vision Solutions of 2022!

ThinOptics top vision solutions for 2022

Top Vision Solutions

This past year, we’ve introduced more products to our ever-expanding Vision Solution lineup, including iPhone 14 Phone Cases, Expression Collection Universal Pods, and all new Multi-Packs. Read on to find out which best-selling Vision Solutions you all loved most this year!

Woman wearing ThinOptics Headline Readers with Universal Pod attached to phone looking at phone

ThinOptics Readers + Universal Pod in Black, Clear, Brown, Blue, Purple, Red Frames


  1. Readers + Universal Pod: Our best-seller, for a reason. ThinOptics’ signature ultra-thin and durable pince-nez style Readers are Always With You. Especially when paired with a versatile Universal Pod, which easily slips into any pocket or seamlessly attaches to your phone or laptop for easy access to clear vision anywhere.
“Love the fact that they are so compact. Perfect for reading menus and I don’t have to bring my regular pair of readers.” - Alan W.

Woman wearing ThinOptics Brooklyn Reading Glasses

ThinOptics Brooklyn Full Frame Reading Glasses + Milano Case. Black, Blue, Brown, Clear, Read, Tortoise frame colors

  1. Brooklyn Reading Glasses: Crafted from shatterproof polycarbonate plastic and as thin as two credit cards, the Brooklyn Reading Glasses are the ideal Vision Solutions for longer reading durations. Incredibly lightweight, use your Brooklyn Reading Glasses to read for hours without even noticing they’re on your face!
“Super convenient and functional. Stick the case on the back of my phone. Best solution ever!” - Bret C.

 Man holding ThinOptics Readers + Keychain Case with Clear Frames

ThinOptics Readers + Black Keychain Case. Headline Readers in Black, Clear, Brown, Blue, Purple, Red

  1. Readers + Keychain: The essential on-the-go Vision Solution! Why is the Readers + Keychain case our TikTok viral product? Not only is it an incredibly unique way to consolidate your essentials and keep clear vision Always With You — It’s also incredibly satisfying to use!
"The thin design of these allows [my husband] to pop them into his pocket when done and always have them handy! He loves them!” - Felicia S.

Man wearing Brooklyn Full Frame Blue Light Blocking Glasses while looking at computer

ThinOptics Blue Light Blocking Glasses with Milano Case - Brooklyn Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Manhattan Blue Light Blocking Glasses

  1. Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses: Everyone needs a pair of Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses. Yep, everyone. We are constantly bombarded by the artificial blue light emitted from our screens, resulting in bad sleep, headaches, dry eyes, and eye strain. Available in lens strengths ranging from 0 strength (plano) to +2.5 strength, ThinOptics Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses were definitely some of this years’ best-sellers! 
“My work puts me in front of a PC 6 to 8 hrs a day. Then, add to it the phone use. The blue light blockers are a must!” - John S.

Man wearing SHADO by ThinOptics Menlo Park Sunglasses

SHADO by ThinOptics Wanderlust Collection Sunglasses

  1. Wanderlust Sunglasses: Fashion-forward, ultra-slim, and incredibly durable — ThinOptics’ line of Wanderlust Sunglasses features two designs and a variety of frame and lens colors. These best-sellers are also equipped with full UV protection and polarized lenses that eliminate glare, so you can nourish your wanderlust while keeping clear vision Always With You.
“I love the light weight. You don't even realize you're wearing glasses. My nose and ears don't get sore from wearing them for long periods of time. Can't live without them.” - Maureen H.

ThinOptics Expression Collection Readers + Universal Pods

Top Expression Collection Universal Pods

We’ll always remember 2022 as the year we started to express ourselves. This year, ThinOptics launched our line of custom-printed Universal Pods, featuring over 90 prints (and growing!) inspired by your favorite things — including sports, landscapes, animals, seasons, art, and all twelve zodiac signs. Now, you can show off your individuality while keeping your ultra-thin ThinOptics Readers (and clear vision) Always With You.

  1. Alpine Horizon Universal Pod: Carry a constant reminder of the grandiose majesty of nature!
  2. Tee Off Universal Pod: It’s a hole-in-one every time with this golf-themed Universal Pod!
  3. Life’s a Beach Universal Pod: Take paradise with you everywhere you go!
  4. Rustic Flag Universal Pod: Express your freedom with a star spangled Universal Pod!
  5. Stars & Stripes Forever Universal Pod: Let freedom soar with this American flag themed Universal Pod!

ThinOptics best of social media 2022

Best of Socials

2022 was an amazing year for the ThinOptics’ social media community! Since launching our TikTok account in February of this year, we’ve gained over 2,000 followers on the platform and over 24,000 total likes, including two viral videos with over a million views each! In the meantime, ThinOptics’ Instagram and Youtube Channel have continued to grow. Let’s take a look at some of your favorite posts and videos from the past twelve months!

Top TikToks

Embracing the latest technology is in our DNA – so it makes sense that we’d stay on top of the trends by showcasing how our reading glasses become Vision Solutions that improve the lives of the millions who wear them on the hippest social media platform!

Top YouTube Videos

Our most popular YouTube videos of 2022 feature our most popular products and how to use them! These videos are great because people love seeing our products in use and learning how our Vision Solutions are so much more than just a pair of super convenient reading glasses – they’re daily essentials that make your life better!

How To Use the Readers
+ Universal Pod
How to Use ThinOptics Readers
+ Keychain Case
Introducing the Clarity Kit

Top Instagram Posts

We’re always looking for new ways to make our reading glasses go more places and help more people. On our Instagram feed, people loved when we highlighted the top 5 places to attach your Universal Pod, showed all the places that you can have access to your reading glasses (literally everywhere), and announced a phone case that fits the brand new iPhone while securely holding an indestructible pair of ThinOptics Readers!

Stay tuned to find out everything we have planned for 2023 and shop now to get ready for an all new year of clear vision!
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