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National Eyewear Day

Maybe it’s not on your radar, but it’s most certainly on ours — today is National Eyewear Day! Founded in 2016, June 6th is a day to celebrate all things eyewear: glasses that improve and protect our vision while adding personality and unique style to top off any look.

It’s no secret that glasses make our lives easier. They help us see better, they protect our eyes from the sun’s rays or from blue-light emitting technologies, but most of all, they just look cool. It’s true — whether you’re wearing Sunglasses, Blue Light Blockers, Readers or Reading Glasses, these ultra-functional accessories just can’t resist looking iconic. We think that’s a reason to celebrate.

While the first reading glasses were invented in the 13th century, the eyewear game changed forever in 2015 with the introduction of our classic Headline Readers. Created out of frustration with clunky reading glasses that break too easily and are too bulky to be taken anywhere reliably, ThinOptics has created eyewear that’s Always With You, with convenience first in mind.

Never before had reading glasses been so durable, so accessible, and so incredibly thin. Since then, we’ve created a variety of Vision Solutions with this same purpose — so you can pick out the glasses that suit your style and your needs.

Two Timeless Designs

Headline Readers:
Our classic pince-nez style Readers that are perfectly suited for shorter duration reading sessions and for your on-the-go reading needs. With no temples, these Readers gently grip your nose and firmly remain in place without leaving a mark. They fit in a multitude of innovative case solutions designed for peak portability, including the Universal Pod, the Keychain Pod, and the Phone Case.

Pro Tip: For extra individuality, explore the Expression Collection of unique printed Universal Pods. The Headline Readers come in 6 different frame colors and various strengths.

Full Frame Reading Glasses:
Made from shatterproof polycarbonate plastic, all three of our full frame designs are elegant, always accessible, and so lightweight you’ll forget you’re even wearing them. Choose from classic round Manhattan Reading Glasses or sophisticated rectangular Brooklyn Reading Glasses, each in a sleek, slim & sturdy Milano Case. For extra easy access, the rectangular Connect Reading Glasses are the first full frames to fit on the back of any mobile device via the Connect Case, and are our only reading glasses available in +3.00 diopter / magnification strength.

Blue Light Blockers:
Shielding your eyes from harmful artificial blue light, Blue Light Blockers are here to help your eyes thrive on these screen-reliant days. Whether you work on your laptop or just love scrolling through your phone, blue light blocking glasses can prevent long term health issues including digital eye strain, retina-damage, and insomnia. Our blue light blocking reading glasses are complete Vision Solutions that are available in all three full frame styles, 5 diopter strengths, including no strength (called ‘plano’), and with the incredibly slim Milano Case.

Just in time for summer, our remarkably slim sunglasses are this season’s ultimate accessories. Incredibly thin and durable just like the rest of our eyewear, all our sunglasses look great while protecting your eyes from 100% of UV rays. The Timeless Collection is a refresh of two classic styles including round and aviator frames, while the Wanderlust Collection features two fashionable modern designs. Each of our sunglasses fit into impossibly thin cases, so you can slip them anywhere and take them on all your outdoor adventures.

This National Eyewear Day, read a book, go for a hike, watch a movie, and use any excuse to show off your favorite reading glasses or sunglasses! Show off your unique look or treat your eyes to a brand new one. There are so many ways to celebrate — check out our entire collection for eyewear inspiration!

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