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Announcing ThinOptics
Computer Glasses
The slimmest and lightest Frontpage Collection reading glasses in the world are now available as a blue-light-blocking line of computer glasses. The advanced polycarbonate lenses are imbued with a mild yellow filter to mitigate harmful blue light from the LEDs bombarding us from computer screens, phones, tablets and office lights.
Blue Light Blocker Reading Glasses Eye Diagram

Protecting Eyes From Harmful Blue Light

Computers, tablets, phones all emit harmful blue light. According to the American Optometric Association, more than half of Americans report experiencing digital eye strain caused by blue light, which manifests in dry, tired eyes.

Blue light exposure can also cause sleep issues, macular degeneration and other serious diseases, according to research from Harvard Medical School.

The new Frontpage Collection Computer Glasses conform to the UV420 standard, which protects wearers from 40% of blue light emitted from electronics, such as phones and tablets. Helping to keep your eyes healthy.

The Milano Case

All glasses in the Frontpage Collection come with an exquisitely lightweight 4mm aircraft aluminium case:
  • Sticks perfectly to the back of your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Impressively durable yet beautifully slender.
  • Forged alloy with brushed finish.
Flattering and Protective
The Frontpage Collection Computer Glasses are flattering on any face, while protecting your eyes from the harmful blue light emitted by computer screens.
  • Slender and stylish, available in clear Brooklyn
  • Extremely lightweight at only 9 grams
  • Paired with an equally slender case that fits on your phone, laptop or tablet

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